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Published: 2021/11/16
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This article draws attention significant to patient safety occurrences as it is definite as any involuntary or unanticipated case and may cause injury to patients getting treatment. Also, this article points out medication errors as distinct procedures involving a mistake in the practice of preparing, dispensing, prescribing, administering, and monitoring medicine to a patient.

The article primarily measures and appraise patient safety cases and medication inaccuracies in Pre-hospital trial of emergency therapy (PARAMEDIC2). Within the article, PARAMEDC2 visited five hospitals to monitor and evaluate safety cases of patients. Patients with changes of cardiac arrest insensitive to preliminary cardiac massage were allocated 1-milligram arterial Adrenaline and corresponding palliative—the studied report established trial medicine inaccuracies comprising records and medical procedure mistakes happening during experimental partakers. Reasons of drug inaccuracies, comprising origin basis examination wherever accessible, were studied to ascertain forms and subjects leading to such cases(European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2020).

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The article illustrates that about 8016 patients joined the trial, and 4902 agree to participate in trial medication. The entire 331 enduring well-being cases were counted, relating 295 other patients, demonstrating an available frequency of 3.6% of the cases, 50.2% (166) were related to documentation errors, whereas 49.8%(165)were clinical procedures. They recorded a fundamental frequency of 0–4.5% through the five ambulance facilities. However, these medication inaccuracies did not affect patient caution on trial, and any emerging issues were all resolved.

Generally, the prescription error percentage of 1.8% mainly involved the wrong prescription of an open-label of adrenaline problem, which leads to misunderstanding in experimental prescription cartons. A comparable number of patients were involved in the documentation inaccuracies. The article provided information on critical safety cases relating to medication mistakes encountered throughout hospital trials of medication administration.

Significantly, the article draws attention to the possible solutions and details of control to avert these procedures of happenings—first, the Documentation errors. Mistakes where the medicine prescription was exact, on the other hand written information of drug prescription was inappropriate. Reeducating was delivered where inaccuracies were established with assistant memoirs and notices by in-house circulars and posters.

Secondly, unqualified patients are registered. Some patients who joined did not meet the test inclusion standards; the article suggests that additional classification needs to be added to experimental medicines to highpoint suitability conditions, with reminders referred to ambulance staff by internal circulars and posters.

Incorrect packing of prescription. In other instances, some patients were administered with drugs not taken from the assigned experimental container. The article suggests there was needed to retraining persons concerned and notification added to prints, helper memoirs, and circulars.

Remarkably, the article highlights the roles nurses play regarding pharmacology to ensure its success in delivering free medical error services to patients. The report reveals the critical functions of nurses as follows;

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Guidelines and policies. Include nurse’s information of clear and comprehensive procedures and policies for building enabling environment in their hospital.

Clear communicationThe nurse needs to deliver communications punctually and openly is an effective method to ease communication challenges.

Reminders, checklists, and double-checksThe nurse should develop advanced lists and related tools to decrease medical errors, particularly in circumstances where mistakes tend to happen.

Standardization, Simplification, and OrganizationSimplify and systematize procedures and organize care implementation procedures into modest steps.

Automation and ComputerizationThe nurse needs to understand essential practices for using know-how to support productivity and accuracy to avoid medical errors (John Hopkins Medicine, 2016).

In conclusion, according to the article, medication inaccuracies can be prevented and minimized by aiming at the practices and procedures which empower the nurse to reduce such cases. Accurate documentation, transparent policies, and effective communication ensure the nurses learn lessons about avoiding medical errors in pharmacology and improve patient safety when suitable reporting procedures and response mechanisms are in place.


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