Essay on Concept of Policy and Society

Published: 2021/11/08
Number of words: 658

In the United States of America, there are several concepts of policies that govern and safeguard the sovereignty of American citizens. The approach is an essential factor that must be maintained and reviewed every time to ensure the rights and fundamentals of people have persevered. In America, the concepts of social policy ensure the rights and power of people are maintained at any given time. In this chapter, the students shall review the history and understand the conceptualization of American social policy. In America, the social policy framework has addressed many issues affecting American citizens. These factors include poverty, insecurity, injustice, unemployment, child protection, and poor living conditions.

The United States of America is the creator in generous social spending as it provides considerable needs to its citizens via the establishment of a conceptual framework. The abstract, social framework ensures equal and fair distributions of national resources to all American communities. ( Jennifer et al. 2020). Conceptual framework social policy has reduced the cases of corruption in the United States, which intern allowed the development of countries economy.

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The country also increased the health status of children by introducing free education, which was addressed by social policy. Most youths were sent to schools to acquire new skills and knowledge. This created ( Koslicki et al 2020).This created high exportation of qualified labor to other nations since a high percentage of youth was learned. Generally, the historical background of the conceptual, social policy in America is vital to its industrial revolution. In the industrial sector, the approach resulted in new technologies and mass production. In other words, the conceptual, social policy provided solutions to the citizens of United States of America.

Guardian and warrior mindset policing

 Starting in the 1960s and recently, American policing has gradually drifted away from the warrior version to the guardians. The policy takes the shape of humanistic and criminal justice teachings that is vocational but tensions ethics and the nature of the qualities. Americans have drifted away from Sir Robert supreme towards culture and mindset more like warriors at struggle with the people affirmed to defend and serve the citizens of America according to (Conti et al. 2011). American nations tended to relinquish some of their petrified constitutional fundaments to recover the security and sovereignty of the people. After two years of ambitious to effective society policing, American law implementation drifted the course of building close public ties towards creating safety in the country.

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Guardian policing mindset encourages community corporations, and positive interactions are fixed in the night watchmen’s history. On the other hand, the warrior policing system undermined people’s business, limiting the chances of cooperation. The society guardians were formerly first preventers, and there is no significant difference in today’s situation. Warrior mindset in policing began with the best intentions of enhancing safety within the American citizens. With time, the policy becomes insecure, and people opted to come up with a guardian form of policy. Comparing the two modes of mindset policy, we can say guardians are the most since they allow interactions and cooperation of people without tension.


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