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I am a full-time mechanical engineering PhD student at the University of Manchester. For my MSc, I graduated with distinction. My current focus is medical machinery-related research, including design, evaluation and prototype manufacture. After my BSc. studies, I worked full-time for a year in industry. I was involved with advanced and conventional manufacturing processes, including from-scratch design through manufacture to first prototype. It is for this reason, therefore, that my main focus is on design for manufacture with a classical perspective, but using state of the art tools. I have considerable experience in industry-standard CAD/CAM, CNC programming, FEM, mechanical drawings, process planning for manufacture and the related economic and/or logistics issues.

An inspection of the runoff of an electrochemical grinding process using a constant voltage and a constant feed rate.


The objective of this experiment was to inspect the runoff of an electrochemical grinding process and to examine the results at a constant voltage and a constant feed rate. Utilising the experiment data, it is expected that relevant information concerning the relationship between process parameters, such as feed rate, voltage, current, surface finish and material removal rate will be made available.


The experiment was carried out on a modified plane grinding machine. The diamond-grit coated rotating steel tool proceeded with the process at a previously set feed rate above the plane of the surface to be machined with predefined electrical parameters for each experimental setup. The component machined under the constant flow of an electrolyte was a stainless steel prismatic bar…..

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