Lauren Smith

About me:

I have a bachelor’s degree and PhD in biochemistry. Since graduating, I have  worked as a research associate in both academia and in industry.  In my work, I have  covered a wide range of research areas including drug discovery, GPCRs, DNA binding proteins, and photosynthetic bacteria. I am therefore well qualified to write about subjects concerning biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, biology and health sciences.  My experience has provided me with an excellent understanding of what is required for a well written manuscript/essay, and as a result I have several publications in highly regarded journals. In my spare time I enjoy baking and running – two very different hobbies! In the last two years I have completed two 10 km charity runs and my aim is to run in more of these events and to improve my running times.


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Protein engineering of reaction centre-LH1 complexes – Introduction

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