Adrian Green

About me:

I have two Masters degrees in Finance, one of them from a top-three Finance programme in the UK. I have published academic research in Finance and have a CFA designation. I can help you in three areas. Firstly, I am familiar with a very broad spectrum of academic finance including, inter alia, return anomalies, behavioural finance, portfolio theory, stylized facts of corporate finance transactions, and long term performance studies.

Secondly, given that I worked as a buy-side and a sell-side equity analyst, I have performed detailed business analysis and financial statement analysis of numerous companies. Thus, I can offer solid help with company analysis or accounting.

Thirdly, I have done a lot of econometric work, so I can assist with VARs, GARCHes, ML estimation or simple OLS.  Lastly, I would welcome receiving assignments in any related fields as I am eager to expand my knowledge, while applying the same analytic rigour I use for my core competencies.


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A brief discussion of transaction costs, financial econometrics and market forecasts.

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