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A team consists of people working together as one to achieve a target. Specifically, communication makes use of both written and verbal means to transmit thoughts, ideas, know-how, feelings, and information. Face to face communication has an additional recipe as it offers non-verbal cues, which is crucial for sportsmen and women. Effective communication that can[…]

Throughout this report I critically analyse a plethora of training methods in football and examine why endurance training is a vital component on any training plan for any football player. Stamina is a vital facet of any footballer’s abilities as they have to be able to competently perform for 90 minutes. Riley (1996) observes that[…]

Abstract COVID-19 has had so many social effects, so confinement based on social isolation is needed to restore global health through the virus’s non-distribution. Both the sports industry and athletes have been in an unexpected condition where athletes cannot compete because of quarantine and health insurance. The world of sport has canceled all competition dates[…]

Introduction Evidence based practice (EBP) is a concept which exists in many industries and disciplines, although this assignment specifically covers its use in Sports Therapy. To commence this assignment, clarifying a more general definition of EBP seems apt, prior to venturing into the specifics about how it is relevant to Sports Therapy and all the[…]

Introduction The deflate-gate scandal is one of the most recent developments that have caused controversy in the National Football League. On January 18th 2015, Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots had an AFC championship match that ended with Tom Brady stealing the show (A timeline of the Deflategate controversy, 2021). After the game, reports emerged that[…]

Introduction Swimming is a skill that requires an individual to use energy in the muscles for easy navigation in water. It is essential to understand the role of kinetics and the skeletal muscle during the swimming process. Athletes can use the knowledge of swimming to better their ability in the sport (Pierce-Shimomura et al., 2008).[…]

Motor skills retention and acquisition facilitated by neuroplasticity is of particular importance to athletes. Well-coordinated movements of the muscles such as free throws, putting and batting are what is referred to as motor skills. Learning of motor skill is described as a process in which movements are characteristically performed with precision and rapidly with practice.[…]

Data Analysis Braun and colleagues’ six-phase thematic analysis model helped gain an in-depth analysis of the matter in question. The first step of the model is to familiarize with data by reading the content of the transcribed interview. The most crucial factor is to note down vital details of the reading at the first step.[…]

Introduction of Creatine supplement In sports, athletes are intensely interested in physical fitness. They usually use a lot of money in acquiring dietary supplements to increase muscle mass, power, and weight loss. Creatine supplement is a commonly used amino acid performance enhancer in sports nutrition, by the name Methyl guanidine-acetic acid, which is usually converted[…]

Introduction The word doping is used to refer to the use of disallowed or prohibited drugs, medication or treatment which is intended to improve the performance of an individual athletically. The use of performance enhancement drugs is unethical and is not allowed by most international organizations that govern sports like the international Olympic committee. This[…]

Testing battery refers to the complex of test performed in a short period of time mainly one or two days to evaluate the ability of an athlete and give a more detailed feedback on his state. They include non-fatigue test which simply entails height and weight measurements, skinfolds, vertical and broad jumps to distinct fatigue[…]

The reason why you chose this activity Swimming is one of the recreational activities enjoyed by most people (Britannica, n.d.). I want to swim since my friends have been telling me how good and refreshing it is. When we go to a hotel, all my friends end up swimming while I watch them. I have[…]

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