SWOT Analysis on Boys Clothes at Very Group UK

Published: 2021/11/22
Number of words: 705

SWOT Analysis

The Very Group UK is one of the most established online platforms that sell various fashion brands to people. The presentation focuses on conducting a SWOT analysis on the company’s operations regarding boys’ clothes (Bloomberg, 2021). It is important to note that there are various types of clothes for all people and the presentation will purpose to explore boys clothes. Examining trends in the market and service delivery can help gain a deeper understanding into the same.

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A SWOT analysis captures strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that the Very Group might face in the market regarding cloths for boys. The financial position of the company is a strength that cannot be overlooked (Boys Clothes, 2021). The company has operated in business for long to t6eh extent of developing a strong financial background. The fact that the organization provides different types of clothes for boys is an advantage that can help it conduct more business. Supply chain inefficiencies serve as a weakness that can impact operations for Very Group regarding boys’ clothes (Perry and Towers, 2013). The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has impacted operations in supply chain to a large extent. In one way or the other, the company’s operation for clothes for boys has been affected due supply chain interruptions (Bloomberg, 2021). It is vital to explore opportunities that exist in the market for the company. The growing tendency of consumers to purchase products online is an opportunity for the company to sell more boys clothing. The rising demand for boys clothing might be an opportunity for the very group to sell more products in the market (Li et al., 2018). Threats include aspects in the market that might impact operations for the Very Group. The first threat is increasing competition from other established brands in the market (Boys Clothes, 2021). The UK fashion market has many players who can offer the same products or better ones regarding boys clothing. Equally, disruptions in the supply chain are a major threat to sustainability of operations.

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It is important to examine product offers available for boys at the Very Group online platform. The organization provides sleepsuits and sharp designer denims as products that parents can buy for their boys. Their product portfolio includes sports kits and formal wear for boys (Gazzola et al., 2020). The group sells comfy boys’ clothes for tiny tots ranging from River Island Mini to Adidas. Equally, there are illusive London hoodies and Under Amour products for boys as products for the market. The fact that people shop online make customers’ experience some unique type of shopping that has taken the world by storm (Group, 2021). The increased level of competition and supply chain issues in the industry challenge sustainability of operations within the UK market.

In conclusion, the very Group is an online platform that sells fashion products for boys of all ages including tiny tots. The company faces an imminent competition from established brands and having a wide portfolio of products has proved strategic towards gaining competitive advantage. Increased demand for fashion products within the United Kingdom provides an opportunity for more products to sell. The company reputation in the market is a strength that gives it an advantage over competitors.


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