Essay on Networking in Business Organizations

Published: 2021/11/17
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The article is intended as an educational opportunity for leaders and future managers to learn about networking benefits. It aims to make leaders more supportive and inspiring by informing them of the pinnacles of success they can achieve through networking skills and their consequences. The article clearly illustrates the importance of networking by showing examples from real life situations in which leaders fail to promote and prevent acquisition or merger because they do not spend enough time on networking or socialization. This article explains clearly how important networking is (Ibarra & Hunter 2007).

Important of Networking in Business

According to the article one can learn that interacting with employees maintains an impulse in the job market, keeps up to date with existing trends and meets future customers, mentors and partners. In addition to developing and refining one’s skills, networking provides one with access to the required resources needed to further our career.

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The article has taught me that communication within an organization is effective when there is appropriate network among all the concerned parties. As people communicate, they are able to create strong networks and this is of great benefit to the business. As competition intensify in the modern business, there is need to come up with strategy that captures all intended participant, and this can be achieved through communication and establishing good networks within the concerned cultural groups.

Negative consequences if Networking is not integrated into business

The implementation of strategies in an organization is impossible without adequate communication channels. Poor networking channels might result in poor of understanding of an organization’s goals. Strategies for achieving the vision are executed through networking with all people concerned. When a company fails to develop a system of interaction, cultural conflict arises.

Experience gained from the project

The experience gained from working on this project has taught me that connections in business are extremely important, and that efficient communication is critical in any firm. As a company grows, it has to exchange ideas with people from various cultural backgrounds in order to be successful in its operations. Interacting with many individuals, especially customers and stakeholders, is accomplished through communication, and a company manager should develop suitable communication channels. When effective communication is improved inside a company, trust is built.

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In today’s business environment, business networking is a critical tool. Business opportunities can be found through proper networks that should be formed on the basis of mutual benefit among all ethnic groups. One of the obvious networking advantages is the ability to accelerate one’s professional growth and improve one’s communication abilities. Business managers should trust communication with all ethnic groups since operating in a culturally diverse workplace necessitates knowledge and integration of each group’s needs.


I recommend that a decent reputation from an extensive range of individuals enhances one chance of receiving referrals and employment possibilities, so they should not confine themselves to traditional networking circles. one never knows with whom or what they could discover while networking.

Networking is not just about asking or receiving; the best way to connect is to give. If someone comes for help, you may not have a solution, but you can refer them to someone who can.

The article, “How Leaders Create and Use Networks” by Ibarra and Hunter


Ibarra, H., & Hunter, M. (2007). How leaders create and use networks. Growth35(1), 101-103.

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