Essay on Modifications Within a Company

Published: 2021/12/16
Number of words: 651

Invention and innovation play a positive critical role in the success of a company. How the company has been running its activities may be outdated. Therefore, new invention methods ought to be implemented for a smooth and extraordinary run of the company activities and improved quality of products. Due to the stiff and significant competition in the United States, particularly in the automobiles sector, in which I work as a middle manager for one of the leading luxurious and widespread motor manufacturers, my influence in the company’s innovation methods which I would recommend would make us outstanding among the various strongholds that have extraordinarily thrived well in the automobile sector with a more significant and vast influence worldwide.

Question 1; Discuss recommendations for organizational changes to support continuous

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Workforce engagement ensures the company’s effectiveness in its everyday operations. My initiatives would be to involve the company workforce via the company’s strategy. Still, it is enticing to recommend that Organizational Development (OD), a scheduled advocacy group initiative to enhance the organization’s effectiveness, could furthermore be a strategy that I would have regarded if faced with a drastic budgetary catastrophe. There are many different strategies for organizational development, which highlight the company’s diversity. OD, on the other hand, would encourage corporate transformation adaptability (Gryn, 2018). Furthermore, OD, which I define as a systematic development and growth approach that alters a company’s total views, perspectives, ideas, and systems, would effectively qualify the company to confront the difficulties of swift transition, particularly during a budgetary catastrophe.

In addition, Change Management and Change Leadership fosters the prosperity of the company’s success. Most of my strategy improvements would involve a blend of Change Management and Change Leadership, including several OD aspects. It would contain a collection of policies, techniques, and methods meant to ensure that whenever modifications are made, they do not spiral beyond reach and that the issues connected with transformation are managed to reduce diversions and consequences. It would also cover the causes, aspirations, and methods that underpin vast development.

Question 2; Share your reflections on potential roadblocks to making the company more

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The propensity for a company collectively to reject innovation and retain the current status is described as corporate resistance. Inner authority battles, inadequate choice methods, and cumbersome corporate systems are indications I would expect in the motor company. It could be related to the individual’s self-interests or the diverse views I would nurture (Lenartowicz, 2018). Whenever employees feel they will forfeit anything valuable due to the changes, self-interest arises, and they are more inclined to fight it. Furthermore, owing to the modified operating system that I propose to implement, the company executive who is the boss might perceive that his viewpoint is no longer acknowledged. Employees might invent excuses because the alternative method of accomplishing operations would fail, and minor mistakes and outages would be attributed to the move.

Therefore, participation would enable me to overcome the general resistance. It is vital to include clients and modification implementers in the development process. Whenever employees collaborate, they will become increasingly involved in the transition and recognize potential difficulties and options. Humans are much least likely to resist innovations that themselves have assisted in achieving forth. The absence of belief within the company’s capability to execute fundamental modifications is the source of resistance to innovations. Conversely, if people are disengaged, and growth is forced upon them, they become most likely to resist. It is especially true whenever workers believe their jobs are at peril.



Lenartowicz, M. (2018). Financing organizational changes from without. Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change14(1), 99–116.

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