Essay on the Great Gatsby

Published: 2021/11/23
Number of words: 821

This novel was published around 1925 by Scott Fitzgerald in New York. The book narrates the tragic story of Great Gatsby, a well-known millionaire. This interplay story tells how a millionaire pursues a famous Daisy Buchanan, a young woman who had developed love with her since childhood. Basing the Scott Fitzgerald arguments, the publications are now considered one of the American fiction classic novels. The main character is Nick Carraway, a graduated scholar from Yale University in the Midwest. This character moved into New York town immediately after World War I to pursue a profession in bonds. The Great Gatsby novel focuses on the interplay between class and gender disparities among romantic couples.

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Early 1922, Nick Carraway acquires a classic house in the imaginary community of West Egg on Long Island, where he decided to live with massive mansions of the new rich. A more refined village on the other side of the ocean where his cousin Daisy, absurdly and brutish tycoon husband Tom Buchanan, lived since the 19th century. During summertime, Nick Carraway decided to goes to their home for dinner; in this scenario, Nick Carraway encounters Jordan Baker, the true friend of Daisy and the most popular golf champion (Leiwakabessy et al.;2020 pp 78-86). Daisy openly narrated to Nick Carraway how Tom had a mistress in New York Town, and in low tone conversations, Daisy admitted to Nick that she has been hopeless with him for too long. When Nick Carraway heard this story, he returned to his home in West Egg, drawing attention to his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, thus standing alone amid darkness, stretching his right hand out to green light burning across the bay at the end Daisy and Tom dock.

At the start of July, Nick Carraway was introduced by Tom to his mistress, Wilson Myrtle, who lived with a spiritless husband called George Wilson whereby Nicknamed as “a valley of ashes.” When they meet at George’s workplace, the three of them went to Myrtle and Tom’s room in Manhattan (Qweider et al.;2021 pp 45). As summer continued, Nick grew accustomed to lights and noises of stunning parties held at his neighbor’s home, where the most popular and newly most affluent turned up to enjoy Gatsby’s full jazz orchestra. According to this novel, interplay and couple romantic actions have been displayed by Nick Carraway and Daisy as the main characters in the entire narrative. Nick and Gatsby attend the party to the Jordan Baker, where they spend their entire evening.

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At that time, Jordon Baker becomes better accustomed to Gatsby’s apparency. One evening, when they were driving into Manhattan city to enjoy their delicious lunch, Gatsby tried to dismiss the buzzes mingling around him and confessed to Nick that he is a son of rich people in the village. Under Gatsby’s request, Nick Carraway decided to summon Daisy to his home, where Gatsby could meet with her to have private conversations. After a few days later, both meet in the standard apartment to have tea, and Daisy was sincerely surprised to see his friend Gatsby after six years down the line. Meeting for the first time was uncomfortable for both three since no one knew each other; however, Nick Carraway gave the two couples privacy of half an hour. When he returned to the house, both looked fully reconciled, and Gatsby was much happier than before, while on the other hand, Daisy was full of tears. As time goes on, the two couples become social, and Tom is informed about Gatsby’s association with Daisy.

To sum up, Great Gatsby novel has been pessimistically read and examined in American prosperity. It’s an important story that narrates the center of richness and romantic couples, for instance, Gatsby and Nick Carraway. In this context, Jay Gatsby was sometimes flawed, but he extended celebrating his richness after marrying Nick Carraway in his enormous home at Long Island through his efforts. Even though his wealth might be proportional to society, especially Tom Buchanan, he is not in the state to break into a differentiable secret society. Nick’s efforts to win a well-established woman, Daisy Buchanan, from a robust and established family in American ends with disaster and fatal death. According to this novel, interplay and couple romantic actions have been displayed by Nick Carraway and Daisy as the main characters in the entire narrative. The tension between “old money “and “modern money” contrasts and is represented in the novel by East Egg and West Egg lands. The Great Gatsby is an extraordinary novel that symbolizes the underpins of its story.

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