Essay on Jeffersonian Democracy

Published: 2021/12/07
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Jeffersonian democracy, which President Thomas Jefferson led, was movement that had been set up to get more democracy in the American government in the nineteenth century. American politics dominated the campaign, the first party system from 1800 to 1824 under the power of Jefferson. Jefferson was talented and made significant contributions, especially as a diplomat, politician, intellectual, statesman, philosopher, scientist, and writer. His presidential vision was to help the people more so the Africans enjoy the country’s privileges and rights. He believed in the decision and will of the people whom he served accordingly. Jeffersonians proved to have more power than the Federals to help the Americans both politically and human rights aspect.

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Jeffersonian democracy reveals the political philosophy of Jefferson and his followers to help most of the Americans know their political aspects and be able to enjoy democracy. For instance, republicanism is the core political value of America. Republicanism is a theory of the government which emphasizes more on citizen participation for the common goal of the community. The common goal is where the end product of an argument is good and favorable to every individual. Most Americans are exposed to civic duty where they resist corruption and make the state a better place. Jeffersonian democracy allows monarchism which believes that political power should be concentrated on one person. It is true since most monarchists support government affairs, and if anything goes astray, they are liable for it, and they stand to correct it because they are democrats (Kennedy and Cohen 200). Corruption is the principal-agent that is updated chiefly since most people habit of practicing it knowingly. Jeffersonian democracy allows people to go to court so that the affected individuals are judged accordingly.

Aristocracy is also allowed by the Jeffersonian democracy, where people from small privileged classes rule the government. They are given the power to judge by the citizens and have better brains or be high rank in wealth possession. When such individuals are chosen, the values of the government ruling will be accurate, and there could be little or no aspects of corruption practiced. It was the duty of the citizens to choose or elect their best leaders with the capabilities of serving the nation, and they did this according to the person’s status, including that of the financial situation and the level of education (Kennedy and Cohen 258). Finding such people is complex, and it takes some time to scrutinize and get the best people. That is why the Jeffersonian democracy allows people to assess and select the best leaders according to the constitution.

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Jeffersonian democracy also prevails the human rights philosophy, which is categorized into rights of individuals and owners of the states. The rights of individuals are persisted in the Bill of Rights, which contains all that Americans should enjoy and be exposed to. For instance, freedom of speech where people are allowed to express their issues in vocal and the raised issues addressed by the responsible individuals. Also, freedom of religion where people are allowed to worship or attend to any religion they wish. The right to petition the government state in case it goes against the expectations of the people of the state. Arguably, there are states’ rights that help protect both the government and the country’s citizens. For instance, the political powers are given an upper hand compared to the federal authorities, which reflects the enumerated powers that do not support the citizen or the state itself (Kennedy and Cohen 349). Jeffersonian democracy allows political forces since it has the mandate of protecting the citizens and the government.

In conclusion, Jeffersonian democracy, which is assumed to be the most democratic, advocated for the best interpretation of the constitution and protected Jefferson and his followers. It was an umbrella for most Americans, and they took it positively since it way more benefits. It allowed people to have the freedom of speech, vote, and freedom of religion, where they are all prevailed in the Bill of Rights. Democracy also allows people to enjoy the political rights of philosophy. They are allowed to elect the person of their choice, more so republicanism, which emphasizes citizen participation in any aspect held by the government.

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