Essay on Information Technology Solutions and Strategies

Published: 2021/11/15
Number of words: 502

Information technology solutions are one of the most integrated partners for large-scale enterprises’ digital transformations which are based on modern technologies such as LLOT including others the Freightways in using ITPS for the perfection of the company. The company has enrolled business statement the company is located in Lagos United States, under the maintenance supervisions of the different managers whereby has conducted various savings for the management and repairs of the company material. Secondly, the company has a business strategic objective which includes making the world a global business area, conducting the networks to the countries, as well as advocating for the creation of employment.

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The company employs various IT strategies which include architectural initiatives., analytical and reporting, that is the discovery of meaningful information in data and visualizing it to support decision making, also there is the communication technology which also best suits the Freightways and lastly the business rules which will guide the employees as they work to ensure effectiveness of all duties assigned (Ray, 2019). The company has got a vision of attaining the highest percentage of the profits in the whole world. Also, the mission of the enterprise is to ensure that the whole of United States youth has been empowered and employment created for them. In this project the IT governance is playing a very big role in attaining leadership as well as ensuring maximum supervision and good running of the programs. The participants, in this case, are the managers and employers, whereby the role of the manager is to ensure maximum cooperation for the worker to ensure good workability. The role of the employees in the companies to offer Labor and conducting all technological programs.

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Basing on my case the IT governance supports the business to control the IT investments to achieve their business objectives. The IT infrastructure library is one of the IT governance frameworks that will be used in the projects since it is a systematic approach that best suits the project in the reference to the research the project will be based on secondary data(Ramaswamy, 2019).it will responsibility of the IT governance to ensure maximum workability of the programs In the project, also the assurance of the leadership, organizational structures, and processes to IT support the strategies and goals of the organization, therefore the IT governance will aim to comply with the rules and legislation related to IT services providers. In the inventory perspective of the company, the economic order quality, as well as the minimum order quality, are techniques that will be used to utilize the warehouse.


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