Essay on E-Health by CDC App

Published: 2021/11/11
Number of words: 659

The emerging issues in the health sector stipulate the need to enhance health services through the internet and other technologies. This has led to the development of e-health which entails the use of technology for health purposes. E-health has also been developed for other purposes of conducting research, tracking diseases, treating patients and public health monitoring. Applications in e-health comprise of software that record, store, manage and transmit information in healthcare treatment and payment system. These applications use the internet to execute these services. They include the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) application which has been established to enhance health services even at an individual level.

Mobile phones have become popular with many people owning a device. The development and enhancement of these mobile devices have made it possible to access some of these applications (Michael, 2018). The CDC application is readily available in play store in the android phones and even apple phones. However, due to some economical and at some places cultural constraints, many people have not been able to access these health services. Some places such as the remote areas the network coverage is very weak, and since this application uses the internet, then it becomes a challenge to enjoy this service.

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Finances facilitate the kind of livelihood we lead and the state of our well-being. The CDC application runs mainly in smartphones which to some it becomes a challenge to acquire. Advanced mobile phones are not readily available to ordinary people, and this denies these people a chance to enjoy the services that come with CDC application. Furthermore, illiteracy has also significantly contributed to the failure of the application. People need to be educated on how to use applications to enjoy better health care. While using mobile phones, the CDC applications require the use of the internet where people have to buy bundles to facilitate the service. However, the cost of data bundles is relatively high when using smartphones. Also, their cost of voice calls and text for basic handsets is also significantly high. Due to the cost associated with this app, some people may not be able to enjoy the services that come along with it.

The CDC application is among the e-health applications which have been proved to have a higher degree of healthcare delivery (mHealthIntelligence, 2018). The quality of service of this application is relatively higher as compared to human activity. Since information integrated with the CDC application is computerized, it makes it easier to read and understand the information. The application, therefore, minimizes the risks misinterpretation of data and risks to errors and thus improving the quality of care to the patient. Furthermore, it enhances efficiency and convenience of health care due to minimized paperwork which is cumbersome. This application has greatly improved the quality of healthcare.

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The CDC application delivers a full library of the medical report, information on disease tracking, journal access, the disease control, and prevention centers, newsroom feeds on 24/7 basis and blogs on public health (Ossebaard, C., Gemert-Pijnen, & Lisette, 2016). This application has been initiated due to its ability to adhere to therapeutic protocols and guidelines, decrease medication errors and ability to inform on clinical decisions.

In conclusion, to better the health sector inventions and developments have to be made to facilitate service delivery. The introduction of e-health has greatly enhanced healthcare and humanity has been healed to a great deal.


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