Essay on Apple Watch Success or Failure

Published: 2021/11/04
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The decision to go through the topic of Apple watches production being success or failure is done as in the current digital world, majority of people are trying to seek better alternatives of performing their tasks. These options being preferred by various individuals should be reliable, convenient, and relatively easy to use. Apple watch developed by the Apple Company was first introduced into the market to allow different people of executing different electronic operations. These operations of concerns involves creating of a relatively easier way of picking phone calls, sending and receiving of calls, and watching of videos without having to hold phone devices (Chauhan et al., 2016). It would be fair to agree that since the production of Apple watch series, several alterations have been seen in the day to day usage of cell phones across the world. However, there has been some notable failure in the company that is involved with the production and selling of these Apple watches. This topic will attract many potential audiences due to the fact that many people are seen to be having an interest in owning or using Apple watches since they were introduced into the digital market.

Apple watches are seen to be quite popular among the young people who form the youth age bracket. Apart from these individuals the other people who are popular with these Apple watch series are the athletes and physical health conscious people. These people have the perception that by using the retailing Apple watches they are able to receive various benefits while going through their day to day schedules and ease in performing their differing workloads. These people will therefore be part of the targeted audience who will go through this writing while weighing the pros and cons of Apple watch series products. In turn the targeted audience will be able to make their options of whether acquiring the retailing Apple watches or not.

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The most important way of detailing about Apple watch value is by stating what these gadgets are really is. The general accepted description of apple watches is that they are a type of chains of smart watches which were pioneered, produced, and released by the company of Apple Inc. These unique revolutionary gadgets are able to link physical body health fitness status with iOS software (Raja et al., 2019). These devices are also able to allow a user to integrate their purchased Apple products and services (Gusgård, 2018). When making arguments on whether the performance of these Apple watches as being success or failure? It would be critical to not consider the statistics presented by the company or fans. The argument should therefore be individually weighed after conduction of an extensive research into the controversial topic.

Apple watches have been noted to stand out as having unique aesthetic design in comparison with other smart watches. The physical body design of Apple watches is not better than those of other existing rival smart watches such as Moto 360 or the Huawei smart watches. These identified smart watches designs are produced with better quality of building designs and also tend to having more emulation of ancient watches. Many people have not been concerned with owning these Apple watches as they argue that they are not attractive and price exaggerated.

Since the production of Apple watches devices and their introduction into the modern market, the performance of these products as been viewed as generating major impacts when compared to other initial Apple’s released products. Previously when other Apple electronic devices such as iPhones, iPods, and Mac were released into the market they were seen to be breaking out sales volumes numbers thus were seen to be very influential in the digital era. However, Apple watches have since failed to live up those same expectations as they were projected to be having potential of outdoing the market performances of the other three latter Apple’s products when introduced into the market.

Before their release Apple watches were seen to be able to change the ways of how wearable devices were to be made. With the niche in the market for small smart wearable devices being present, the demands for these products were therefore to be on ever increasing. Back after being initially launched into the market in 2015, the devices sales was around 4.2 million. It therefore cemented it place as being the best-selling smart wearable gadgets in the world. However, during the conduction of the second quarter of sales for these products it was noted that the anticipated sales did not come to be as the sales growth was seen to be not high as expected. In the subsequent two years following the products first release only around 12 million products were sold globally.

This dragging growth of Apple watches within the digital market has been a one of factors that indeed proves that the products have been a failure. To make it even worse is that similar products from other rivaling companies like Samsung, Fitbit, and Google have greatly outperformed the Apple watches. Comparisons have been made between the Apple watches and other failed Apple devices such as the Newton computer. It has been therefore that Apple watches have miserably failed in promoting smart wearable devices past fitness monitoring capabilities and even be useful in either businesses settings or social settings (Gusgård, 2018). The failure has persisted even with the former inclusion of an Apple watch which was seen to be very expensive and luxurious.

The poor ratings then later led to the termination of the production and release of these other luxurious Apple watch versions. The move of the Apple Company to do away with some of features of the initially released Apple watch products while producing and marketing Apple Watch Series 4 further shows how the smart gadgets failed in capturing the interests of many potential worldwide customers. The products which were initially created with the aim of being technological revolutionary have been instead formally referred to as medical gadgets. The company has tried to make improvements on the Apple watches building design and even tried to advance their graphic features yet the products have not received record breaking sales volumes and positive ratings among critics.

The Apple watches products have been argued against as bringing less values to their owners apart from being stylish and cool. Another failure associated with the Apple watches is that they have been quite unreliable when trying to use a third-party application with it (Gusgård, 2018). This means that Apple watches were designed initially to increase the functionality of iPhones. The people who did not own any iPhone devices were therefore not able to acquire or operate the Apple watches thereby limiting their acceptances across many people in the world. It offers another proof that it is frank to state that Apple watches did not live up to their expected impacts within the digital world as it lacked diversity. Many people therefore argued that Apple watches were designed and produced to increase the sales of iPhones gadgets.

Some people have laughed at the functionality of these Apple watches by stating that there are days which they have forgotten to wear the devices and failed to notice that they are not wearing them. It therefore shows that Apple watches have failed to an extent that they are not even considered day to day electronics essential by people. Siri is the main voice control software for the Apple watches. Siri functions the same as Google Home, however, there have been some instances which Siri has proved to be so unreliable when making translations on owners’ issued commands voice. The Apple watches have also limited abilities as opposed to mobile phones in that they are not able to allow a user to view his or her upcoming scheduled activities reminders.

It therefore shows that the Apple watches failed in making changes on how people are to use their cellphones. Complaints have been received concerning the notification pop ups alerts on the Apple watches. These alerts have seen to be quite annoying as it is easier to simply use mobile iPhone devices for checking of notifications (Gusgård, 2018). It is another case which confirms that indeed there is no significant change brought by the production and release of these gadgets when it comes to altering how phones are to be used previously and currently. It therefore makes the targeted potential buyers for the Apple watches to feel that the smart gadgets are not a necessity.

Another factor that proves that Apple watches are just but a technological failure involves the issue of battery. The current available Apple watches normally rely on built-in rechargeable batteries that have a net life of approximately 18 hours. The problem of the short-period battery life has never evolved while new series of Apple watches have been gradually introduced to potential customers over the past five years. The battery life can depend on whether the user is not involved with many activities such as fitness tracking or whether they always using their gadgets. The devices parent company, Apple has not lived up to the promise of launching superior battery designed Apple watches which can last more than 18 hours. It has further presented numerous charging problems to individuals who over the years have been used to not worrying on charging their watches.

Apple watches are normally not having the capability of many watch face alternatives. It has therefore been taken as being boring as the smart wearable devices do not allow a user to make designs on the type of image or personal face to be set as watch face options (Gusgård, 2018). In comparison to other similar functioning smart wearable devices such as those of Galaxy watches, it is seen as a failure. Samsung Galaxy smart watches normally allows a user to have a more personal control feeling as they can allow a person to download pictures other than those which are provided by the manufacturer to be set as screen savers or wallpapers.

Apple watches have also been argued against as being over costly. The failure of producing and releasing pocket unfriendly smart wearable devices by the Apple Company is deemed as a failure. It has seen boycotts of the smart watches as people argue that there values or benefits that they brings to a user are not worth the set retailing price. Another point to prove that the Apple watches failed to live up to their expectations is that these gadgets have a relatively low user interface. Apple watch series home screen is normally having numerous collections of digital applications (Chauhan et al., 2016). The result is that a user is forced to zoom in on the application that he or she would prefer to select and operate while using the gadgets.

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The poor display of these gadgets limits their abilities when compared to many android smart watches. Unlike Apple watches, android smart watches are usually designed to provide a much simpler and easier customization feelings while they are being used by their owners (Gusgård, 2018). The issue of simplicity echoes the earlier referred point that many current gadget users want to go over their daily activities via a relatively simpler and convenient ways. Despite these highlighted failures of the Apple watches there have been some benefits which can be realized by the gadget’s users. One of these is that the watches allows for people to quickly monitor their health status such as heartbeat normality (Raja et al., 2019). Other benefits are: More remote control capabilities, communication facilitation as they are having message and calls receiving features, and even timekeeping.

It would be fair to conclude this argument that despite the benefits of the Apple watches, these devices are more of a failure to both the parent company and their users. Majority of people anticipated that once the production and final release of Apple smart watches had been done there would be a great revolution in the niche of global smart watches. However, as seen through the research conduction the Apple watches proved to be failure as it has poorly performed. The devices are yet to change on cellphones user’s experiences too. Coupled with other undermining factors it is indeed true as seen through the research results that the launch of Apple smart watches has generally been a failure. A potential buyer for the Apple smart watches should first of make judgments on whether the value of owning these merchandises is really worth it or not.


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