Essay on American Revolution Winners and Losers

Published: 2021/11/04
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The American Revolution changed the course of history in North America because it had such a broad impact on so many different factions. Like all wars, the American Revolution produced both “winners” and “losers.”In the Revolution, the Patriots triumphed, obtaining independence, the ability to form a representative democracy, and a plethora of new democratic liberties and freedoms(Buskirk, 2002). The Loyalists, often known as Tories, were the Revolution’s victims since they supported the deposed Crown. Tories were regarded as outlaws and were pursued aggressively. However, the Native Americans incurred a more devastating setback in the American Revolution than the Tories: they lost the majority of their land, forcing them to live on humiliating reserves for the rest of their lives.

Patriots could now establish their own ideal forms of representational governance and choose politicians who best met their needs. American citizens would only be governed by individuals who knew what they were doing rather than by a gang of selfish foreigners who didn’t care about American concerns.

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The ending was not positive for the unfortunate Tories who chose to remain devoted to their King throughout the American Revolution.They were perceived as villains by their fellow Americans throughout the Revolutionary War due to their lack of allegiance. Patriots frequently used violence against Loyalists and they would tar and feather Tories who had been fervent collaborators of British rule. Many Loyalists saw emigration as their only option to avoid punishment. A large number of the individuals sought refuge in Canada, with an additional large number moving to the United Kingdom. The Loyalists struggled to fit in in Britain and others who were pardoned remained uneasy for the rest of their lives while still living in the United States.

The American Revolution forced the hand of the Native Americans who were uncertain. Due to the fact that the several Iroquois tribes were unable to agree on a side to back during the War, everyone was free to follow their own inclinations. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Iroquois tribesmen sided with the British, predicting that a successful British campaign would constrain American westward encroachment.. The pro-British Iroquois were compelled to sign the humiliating Treaty of Fort Stanwix in 1784, ceding sovereignty of the great bulk of Tribal Land to the new government.

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For the continent of North America, the American Revolution was a significant affair due to the large number of different parties engaged. The Patriots were granted sovereignty and got the opportunity to rule the country as we see a prominent Patriot like George Washington becoming the country’s first president. Those who remained loyal to the king paid the ultimate price as most Loyalists were rich individuals who did not want to lose their wealth but ended up fleeing, fearing for their safety. Neutrals were motivated in different ways, many of whom were influenced by their religious ideas. Some neutrals didn’t mind who ruled them as long as the government stayed out of their way; others simply didn’t want to be on the losing side.


Buskirk, J. L. V. (2002). Generous Enemies: Patriots and Loyalists in Revolutionary New York. In Google Books. University of Pennsylvania Press.

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