Business Research Proposal on Effective Ways To Implement Changes Without Affecting the Productivity and Employee’s Turnover

Published: 2021/11/05
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Green Energy is a new organization established in Brisbane in the year 2007, and it has a very respected president who goes by the name Maya Keeney. The organization’s name, Green Energy, clearly gives an idea of what the organization deals with. Green Energy was established to develop, process and, sell environment-friendly sustainable solutions. It is an organization that allows its employees to come up and share their ideas. Also, the staff is rewarded for taking risks that help develop the organization, and their pay is above average. It is an organization that encourages innovation Enescu, D. (2019).

Recently, Green Energy has partnered up with Powerex, a large national energy provider with its headquarters in Perth. Powerex deals with renewable power assets, and the two plan to develop a new innovative project that is projected to create alternative energy sources. The two organizations plan on creating an environment where their engineers can work together efficiently and open up the pathway to success for both organizations. Even though these two organizations are determined to work together, some challenges are likely to hinder them from achieving their goals on time, which will affect both organizations negatively, and in turn, impede the completion of the project that they had planned to work on together.

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Green Energy and Powerex are trying to overcome the challenge of physical location because they are located on opposite sides of the country from each other. Both the organizations’ engineers and staff need to work hand in hand in order to ensure that the project is completed in good time and that it is successful. This challenges their cooperation on their new innovative venture since it will be challenging to work on the same project while they are far away from each other. In this proposal, I will address the possible solution to the Green energy company that can implement changes without affecting its productivity and employee turnover.

Research Question

Since Green Energy and Powerex are planning to collaborate and develop an innovative project that is expected to create alternative energy sources, both the engineers and staff from both organizations need to work hand in hand for this project to be successful. The research question will be; business proposals on effective ways to implement changes without affecting productivity and employee turnover. The main objectives will be finding out the best ways that the Green energy company can use to implement the desired change management effectively. The proposal will also aim at determining the possible ways that can be put in place to avoid employee turn – over.

Preliminary Literature Review

A smooth transition of change management can be supported by guiding the employee’s through the change journey. Research conducted by Kotter, J. P. (2012) found out that almost 70% of change initiatives fail due to unproductive management behavior and the negative attitude of employees. His study argues that the organization should define the change and align it to business goals and determine its impacts and those affected. Green energy has already identified its goal objectives and discovered that the changes would impact its employee turnover. Therefore, the organization should lay down a good communication strategy by highlighting that it must communicate the difference. Good channels, medium, and the timeline for the change management should be conveyed. In Goksoy, A. (2016), his research provides that change management is the life in today’s business, it is difficult, and people always resist it. His findings sought to explain that the management of any organization should develop a workplace culture and follow a systematic approach for successfully navigating through change. Organizational change management has risen by 73% globally, becoming more frequent and widespread. The study further found out that managing individuals in an organization through change had gained credence, and the significant change has effects cuts across all levels of the organization. A conclusion by corporate leaders indicates that failing to manage employees through change can be costly because dissatisfied employees will be less productive. The Green energy manager has already identified that change in his company will lead to employee turn- over and it will be necessary for the two companies to manage the employees to avoid the losses accompanied by the employee turnover. He should lay a communication plan, training program, and ways of dealing with resistance Kotter, J. P., & Cohen, D. (2014).

The percentage of workers who leave and need to be replaced in a company is employee turnover. Though it isn’t something new, there are many reasons people go an organization through some ate unavoidably. However, a study by Hom, P. W., et al. (2020) argues that some workers leave the organization because they are unsatisfied or unhappy at work while others leave due to retirement, relocation, family issues, and these cannot be avoided. The Green energy manager is aware that two of his employees will soon leave the organization due to retirement, a significant blow to the organization. Any organization needs to train new employees who will replace those about to retire to avoid losses from productivity. Also, turnover may be experienced due to change management since some employees will be unsatisfied.

Proposed Research Design

The researcher will primary sources to collect data. Questionnaires, observations, and semi-structured interviews will be used. I will be focusing on getting the motives that derive consumers of luxury goods from purchasing them. The respondents will be managers from both organizations and 20 employees from each Green energy and power. I plan on distributing questionnaires to the manager and 20 employees from both organizations, which will contain different questions on how this change in the two organizations is affecting them because they are all a part of the cooperation between Green Energy and Powerex. In addition, I plan to have one-on-one interviews with the managers of these two organizations since they are the heads of this entire partnership. This will help me to get an insight of how prepared they are to ensure that the collaboration of their organizations on this new project becomes successful. These are some of the investigative plans that I will adopt because I believe everyone will have a chance to participate in the research. All the investigative processes will be physical, and this will make it even more effective and transparent.

Ethical Considerations

I will respect privacy for the respondents and not indulge in their personal space unless they willingly provide such information. Respect for anonymity and confidentiality for the respondents, including individual names, company names, and all other involved parties to ensure that they do not face direct criticism from participating in the research. Since people have different opinions, sometimes it may cause dispute among them. To avoid this during my investigative process, the questionnaires handed over to the staff of these two organizations will not require any of them to put down their name or any personal information about themselves on it.

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Concerning the interviews with the presidents of the organizations, I will not share any information from either of them to the other. I will keep their information discrete from one another to avoid any misunderstanding that might transpire. Moreover, I will be the only one in charge of the investigative proceedings. I will be the superior one handing over and taking away the questionnaires, and I will also be the one interviewing the two presidents of the organizations.

Proposed practical contributions of my research

The two managers should consider taking their employees through the change process to control and prevent them from running away from their jobs. Maya should consider hiring new employees who will be trained by the two who are about to retire. This will help them bridge the gap which will be left behind once they leave. Also, it will help maintain the productivity of the organization. Since these two organizations, Green Energy and Powerex, are planning to cooperate on a project even though they are in opposite locations of the country, the managers should consider opening up a joint organization that will only deal with their cooperative project of coming up with an innovative project that is expected to create alternative energy sources. By doing so, they will both continue to work on their different fields, and at the same time, they will still be working on their collaborated project. It will also create job opportunities for other employees that are interested in the same field. This would be a great opportunity because their partnership would become long-term. The two organizations will allow their most experienced engineers and staff to work together in this cooperation. In turn, the project they will work on together will have a better chance of being completed in good time and successful. When this project emerges successful, its products will be marketable, and both organizations will be able to benefit from this depending on their partnership agreement.


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