To ensure smooth and efficient communication between yourself and our company, we ask that you open a Gmail account. This is the account we will use to send assignments. You can set one up for free now by following this link:

We may sometimes forward on questions/comments from the client, which you will need to respond to. Please make sure you spell-check and proofread your responses carefully. Also, please make sure you address the client separately, e.g.,

Dear Zhanna,

Please pass the following to the client:

Thank you for your comments, they will all be addressed and you will receive the amended paper in the next two hours.

Communication is extremely important to us. If we call you, please answer the phone or return our call as quickly as possible and always reply to our emails. We are one team and it is important we keep communication open at all times. If you are running late with an assignment, do not avoid us as this will make it more difficult for us to help you. We will do everything we can (e.g., extend the deadline where possible) as long as you keep us informed. If you do not communicate with us – we reserve the right to reassign your work to another writer.

We understand that sometimes we may have difficult clients, which can be frustrating for all parties involved, but it is not acceptable to be rude to our Customer Service Advisors under any circumstances. Similarly, if you are sending a message addressed to the client you should read it back after you have written it to ensure that it sounds professional, no matter what the tone of the client, as this could aggravate any potential dispute.


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