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Published: 2021/11/09
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In today’s study, there are several psychological conditions associated with technology and lifestyle we engage in every day. According to the psychiatrist’s experts, depression can be defined as a constant sensation of sadness and loss of concentration, which hampers individuals from doing everyday activities. Biologically, depression is a psychological abnormality affecting mental health due to continuous stress, feelings, deep thoughts, and behaviors that may contribute anomalous thinking. Basing the research, depression can be of two types, primary and secondary. Primary depression is mainly related to personal behaviors, such as altered mood due to overthinking, thus resulting in stress. On the other hand, secondary depression is promoted mainly by environmental factors depending on the type of people you interact with. Different types of depression with different signs and symptoms; however, it turns the level at which depression will affect a person. There have been definitive discussion concerning the causes, signs/symptoms, and preventions of depression disorder. Depression is a form of the condition that has affected almost every individual internationally. The research article’s primary focus is to have a definitive discussion on how depression disorder has affected people, especially in today’s period.

Identification and diagnosis of depression

According to medical experts, depression is mainly characterized by stress, sadness, strange feelings, and behavioral conditions. In this research, we need to ask ourselves how depression disorder can be identified and diagnosed, especially in early phase. According to professor Weiss 2015, depression disorder can only be determined depending on personal behaviors and feelings since it’s an invisible condition. Firstly, there is a need to have precise observations and interviews regarding the person suspected of having depression disorder. Depression and bipolar disorders have Closs similarities, and therefore, they share the same characteristics. During the identification of depression, it’s good to recognize the type because there are several types of depression, and each has its features and how it can be handled (Lidz et al.;2016). For example, persistent depression disorder has long-term effects thus can last for about 24 months. Therefore, the patient needs special care and close attention to ensure the level of depression is gradually lowering.

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To have a positive diagnosis in any disorder, proper identification must be made to understand the type of medication the patient needs. In understanding depression disorder, several patients show sadness and anomalous anxiety, significantly if they are affected by chronic illness conditions. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) argues that despair and clinical depression conditions deploy signs that continue within a given period and have antagonistic impacts that limit patients’ ability to function. Understanding the depression might be challenging, especially to the nursing staff, though there is a need to recognize some indicative characteristics since they can be considered during the conditions’ treatment.

According to Petersen et al.;2017, depression can affect any individual regardless of age and size; however, the degree of depression will depend on its stress. The other depression diagnosis is to seek medical care, which provides the affected patients with appropriate treatment to lower depression and anxiety. According to professor Weiss’s arguments, depression and stress are a form of humiliation that affects people due to their relatives’ denunciations. It is believed that this form of stigma is facilitated mainly by lack of parental care to most younger people. It is not only to the younger people, but stigmatization can also affect any individual regardless of age or class. The psychotherapists provide a therapeutic diagnosis to the individual experiencing persistent depressive disorder by assessing the signs, symptoms, and impairment conditions related to the situation.

In response to other medical professors, mental health psychologists may either apply the same strategy depending on their state or condition. Most people who have depression are assessed to get medical statistics of the client, thus permitting the specialists and nurses to think towards a mechanism to diagnose the condition (Stanners et al.;2014). To recognize depression conditions, therapeutic experts use repetitive indicative practices to know the disorder’s type and how to approach the situation. In this scenario, assessments are made basing the appearances and the expected behavior of the persons. The depression condition mostly depends on the condition’s appearance, which will influence the affected individual’s mood, especially sadness and anxiety.

According to Calandra, Graziano, Barghi & Bonino, 2019 depression and stress condition testing can be appropriately used through pen and paper or electronic forms, including procedures based on indicating diagnostic criteria to the affected individuals. This publication shows that time and reasonable depression disorder diagnosis restraints, limiting psychiatrists from conducting ethical diagnostic assessments. It has been found that most clinics related to depression evaluate patients primarily using an unstructured approach. As per the medical guidelines, any medical expert must have enough training before conducting any psychological assessment on the people who reacted with bipolar disorders.

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Petersen& Madsen are the experts who have been concerned with chronic diagnosis basically for the people facing depression conditions. From their arguments, people with a psychiatric disorder who have arbitrarily slapped have higher fusibility to other psychological conditions such as stress; thus, they need care and medication (Cruwys et al.;2014). Depression abnormality is a definitive disorder that requires a lot of care and frequent medicines, especially to patients in a critical state. Therefore, according to this research, it’s our responsibility to ensure patients living with depression issues have been cared for. Basing the National Institute of Health, psychological diagnosis arguments mainly depend on fallible subjective assessment rather than biological and interview tests. Understanding depression condition makes it simpler to carry out the required diagnosis, limiting the chances of stress and sadness to the affected person.


Diagnosis in depression is cognitively and emotionally crucial in the medical ritual ideas since it provides directive aspects to the affected individuals. Our daily duty and assertation provide noticeable and affordable treatments, especially to the people experiencing depression and stress. Biologically, anxiety and depression. Basing this article’s arguments, depression and stress have adverse effects on psychology, requiring immediate medications and care. Doctors and nurses are expected to show explicit concerns towards people affected by this condition. According to my perspective, there is a need to develop a sense of humanity, especially to the people who have been slapped, depression, and stress condition.


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