The Best Hangover Cure for Students

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Hangovers are the worst, are we right? And especially when a large part of the university is the party culture, you can almost expect you’re going to get one. Some people manage to party hangover-free, but the rest of us are left lying in bed wondering how we will get rid of this headache.

Well, not for much longer. This post is all about curing those hangovers and being ready for whatever university brings you. If you’re looking for the best hangover cure, this post is a great place to start.

Sleep, a lot

If you’ve got the opportunity, then this will be at the top of your list. When you’re not feeling good in general, you know that you want to lie there and rest your eyes. It’s the same with being hungover. It might feel rubbish but especially if you’re overtired, having a sleep is the best thing for you. Rest solves most things, but you don’t want to be missing too much university because you’re drinking a lot. If it’s a weekend or if you really don’t feel up to it. Stay in bed and let yourself recover.

Stay hydrated

I know what you’re thinking, I’ve heard this one before? But honestly, it’s the best advice you’re going to hear. Another phrase you might have heard of regularly is “Alcohol makes you dehydrated”, and it’s true! Long story short, alcohol is a diuretic which basically means it causes your body to remove fluids from your blood. It’s safe to say if you’re feeling a bit rubbish, that might be one reason why. By all means, have a drink but throughout your night, try to have at least an equal amount of water, if not more. Believe me, you’ll be thanking yourself in the morning. And if it’s the morning and you’re feeling bad? Try and keep down as much water as possible. It will also help with any headaches you have.

Take some painkillers

Speaking of headaches, if you’ve got a headache, the first thing you’re going to reach for is the painkillers. And it’s not a bad choice. Ibuprofen is the most effective for getting rid of that banging feeling in your mind. If it’s feeling really bad, then make sure to take some the morning after. Of course, be careful and don’t take over the recommended dose. No matter how bad you feel, it won’t be long before the pain relief kicks in. Especially if you’ve got commitments to attend to, it’s a great quick fix to keep you going.

Have a warm shower

Now this one is serious. If you’ve never had a long shower while being hungover, you haven’t lived. This one will make you feel a million times better, so if you’re not feeling good, it’s a must. Drag yourself into that shower and make sure it’s nice and warm (not too hot though, or you’ll feel queasy). The hot steam of a shower can be really good for all sorts of things, but it’s especially good when you’re not feeling well. If you’ve got lecturers to attend, freshening up is your best option.

Eat good food

Fruit, veg and lots of it. Vitamins and minerals are all about making you feel good, so it’s worth a try. You could have warm soup, fresh fruit or even a proper meal if you’re up to it. Anything to fill you up and get you feeling healthy. Don’t believe us? Even the NHS recommends Bouillon soup, which is full of lots of vegetables. If there’s anyone you really want to trust, it’s the professionals. People have said forever, if you eat good, you’ll feel good. Try it!

Get some help

As much as the university is about party life, you’re going to have to do some studying too. Boring, we know. Let’s say you have a night out and realise you’ve got an assignment to do; there’s a solution. Why suffer through the pain of trying to focus when you can get help? Our expert writers are here to give you a helping hand that you need. You can thank us later!



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