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London is a beautiful place, and if you want to discover new things, it’s the best place to be. Whether it’s for entertainment or food, your options are endless, and it makes taking the trip completely worth it. But where to start? First arriving in London can be a pretty overwhelming experience. Sometimes there’s such a thing as too many options, and that’s where this post saves the day. We’ve listed some of our favourite places in London that you can visit for fun and to eat so you’ll know exactly where to go.

Here are our recommendations:

For Fun

Emirates cable cars

If you want a good view of London, you may be tempted to try the London Eye? And while it’s definitely a must, an alternative option could be riding the Emirates Cable Cars. First of all, they are actually super cheap (usually around £3.50, how good is that??), and you get to ride them over the Thames. Arguably, it’s an even better view as you can see more as you ride along. If you’re a fan of heights, then this is a great opportunity, and you’ll have the best time! Make sure to go with your friends and family when you get the chance.

Sixes Cricket Club

If you’re into sport and, more specifically, cricket, then this is your ideal event. Here you can bat some balls while also having food and drink at your table nearby. It’s the perfect mix of entertainment while also making sure you don’t get hungry. You can book your net and hit balls against the virtual screen. Use your cricket skills to rack up points but more importantly, have fun with your friends. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but it’s also an experience like no other.

Barbican conservatory

What isn’t expensive, however, is the Barbican Conservatory. And that’s because it’s entirely free! There really is no place as beautiful as the Barbican with its exotic plants and wildlife. You can have a stroll around, completely at your own place and have a catch up with whoever you’re attending with. You get to see some stunning sights while also feeling truly at peace. If you want an experience you’ll never forget, then make sure to take a trip.

Climb the O2

No, we are not kidding, this really is a thing. Speaking of sights, why not climb to the top of Londons O2 arena, which has housed every artist you can probably imagine. If you like heights, this is another fun one for you. Perfect for anyone who loves a thrill. You go with a big group so friends or family can do it with you, and don’t worry, you’re all strapped up for safety. Once you get to the top, you’ll have a stunning view of London, and you’ll also feel pretty accomplished with yourself. It’s different, but it’s worth it!

Selfie Factory

And if you’re at the O2, why not take some pictures to remember the trip? If you’re obsessed with the gram, like us, then this is the place to be. It’s filled with rooms of all different styles with the perfect backdrop for your images. You can pose in a pinked-out train or even a room that looks entirely like a drawing. It really is one of a kind, and it’s overall just a lot of fun! If you’re in London with your friends, it’s worth dragging them here.

To Eat

Elvet Steakhouse

Steak is a popular meal choice, and if you’re a huge fan, then this restaurant will be your favourite. It’s perfectly instagrammable, which is always important, of course! It also has incredible drinks that look cooler than anywhere else, and the restaurant itself is gorgeous. Oh, and the food ain’t half bad either. This one, though, can definitely be on the pricier side. Sometimes though, you want the luxury and steak in itself can be an expensive choice. If you don’t mind spending a little, it could be worth it for you.

Design District Canteen

If you do decide to follow our recommendations and visit the O2, or if you just find yourself there in general, then the Design District Canteen could be a strong choice for where you eat. It’s an absolutely hot spot, and its strongest point is that there is so much variety! There’s nothing better than supporting independent businesses, and everyone here is an independent vendor doing their own thing. You can eat food such as Italian, Malaysian, Mediterranean, British, and more. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find it there. Oh, and the building is honestly beautiful too.

Flesh and Buns

Japanese food is another popular choice, and it’s safe to say there are many restaurants in London you could visit for that. Flesh and Buns, however, is a trendy restaurant because the food is incredible, and the prices won’t break the bank too badly either. The restaurant is inspired by Japanese Izakayas, which in translation is like a pub (informal dining). Sometimes you want a casual meal with your friends, and that makes this restaurant a great location. The best part, though? You can make your own s’mores at the table. Delicious!

Nando’s – Greenwich

I know what you’re thinking, Nando’s has made the list? But hear us out, this one is a rooftop restaurant. Yep, you can sit outside in the British sun (whenever that is) and watch the sunset or just catch the rays with your friends. Rooftop restaurants are usually crazy pricey, and yet people pay those prices for the views. Well, here you don’t have to. It’s the same Nando’s prices but with a completely different vibe. You get to look over the water and relax. What could be better than that?

Where The Pancakes Are

Sometimes you don’t want to go for something too heavy. Is it brunch time, maybe? Then Where The Pancakes Are is a great choice. As you’d hope, you can choose between having sweet or savoury pancakes or even having some other small bites if you’re feeling something different. They also do some incredible cocktails, which make it extra fun if you’re looking to have a cute day out with friends. It’s a really aesthetic place to be and pretty low-key if that’s what you’re looking for.

Have you got any London recommendations of your own? Comment below!



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