Education Essay Topics

Ultimately, education is about facilitating learning and ensuring that students have the acquisition of knowledge and skills. However, it is a difficult concept to define, with academics, philosophers, teachers and learners attempting to do so …

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Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essay topics are popular across college and university, providing students with the opportunity to adopt a logic and systematic approach to describe research phenomena. There is also a plethora of potential avenues a student …

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Social Media Essay Topics

The majority of people in the world use some form of social media each day. It has ultimately transformed the way that we live, and it has changed how we interact with others on a …

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How to Write a Post Graduate Essay

A post-graduate essay is one which goes beyond the level of undergraduate thinking to demonstrate a higher level of independent thought. In other words, you should be able to show your reader that you have …

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How to Analyse Secondary Data for a Dissertation

Secondary data refers to data that has already been collected by another researcher. For researchers (and students!) with limited time and resources, secondary data, whether qualitative or quantitative can be a highly viable source of …

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How to Write a Critical Review

Are you struggling with understanding the requirements of a critical review? Too often what should be a critical review becomes a descriptive summary which loses marks. The most proficient critical reviews are those which demonstrate analysis …

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