Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essay topics are popular across college and university, providing students with the opportunity to adopt a logic and systematic approach to describe research phenomena. There is also a plethora of potential avenues a student can explore when completing a descriptive essay, ranging from education and teaching, to society, famous people, geography and locations, personal perspectives, and the environment and sustainability. A few potential descriptive essay topics within these key areas are proposed below.


Education & Teaching Descriptive Essay Topics

The Covid-19 pandemic has completed reshaped traditional perspectives on teaching, with there now being more opportunities than ever to explore new and innovative ways of how to teach. Therefore, descriptive essays can help to explore how individuals view preferential traits and behaviors from their teachers, and how institutions can sustain their position as world leading educational providers.

  • Investigating the importance of teacher-student relationships in higher education.
  • What are the most important soft skills for becoming a successful teacher?
  • What are the most important hard skills for becoming a successful teacher?
  • What makes a world-leading university: A critical analysis of teaching at Oxford University & Harvard University
  • A critical comparison of teaching methods in primary and secondary school educational environments.

Society Descriptive Essay Topics

Covid-19 has caused untold changes on societies across the globe, with this allowing for several unique essays into how individuals are coping in a Covid-19 world. However, there are also several other key societal forces that can be explored through descriptive means, such as American students’ feelings of safety at school, or the importance of collective action to encourage change.

  • Do American students feel safe at school amidst a significance increase in school shootings?
  • What is the impact of cultural fragmentation in Latin America?
  • How is collective action being used to influence global politics?
  • Can individual retail investors collective instigate economic change: A case study analysis of GameStop.
  • Will more parents consider homeschooling to educate their children in light of Covid-19?

Famous People Descriptive Essay Topics

Perhaps one of the most interesting topics areas for a descriptive essay relates to famous people and how they have helped to shape the 21st century. This ranges from individuals such as Martin Luther King, to Albert Einstein and the polarizing impacts on politics that Donald Trump had. These essays will aim to explore who these individuals were and what lasting impact they have had on the world.

  • How has Martin Luther King impacted racial equality in the 21st century?
  • A critical analysis of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as role models in football.
  • An investigation into the innovative minds of the 21st
  • Has Donald Trump changed the state of US politics forever?
  • How did Einstein’s Theory of Relativity shape modern science?

Geography & Locations Descriptive Essay Topics

In a similar fashion to celebrities and famous people, geography and locations is also naturally suitable for analysis through a descriptive essay. This is because there are several important landmarks across the globe that can be explored through descriptive methods to identify how they have impacted people around them and the wider global environment. Moreover, this can relate to things such as rising sea levels or what cultural significance landmarks like the 9/11 Memorial Tower hold.

  • An investigation into the political significance of the White House.
  • The architectural significance of the pyramids of Egypt.
  • A historic overview of rising sea levels and its key causes.
  • An investigation into the cultural significance of the 9/11 Memorial Tower.
  • How has Covid-19 impacted the health of the Great Barrier Reef?

Personal Descriptive Essay Topics

Even though personal essay may be relatively unique, they are positioned well to be completed through a descriptive essay. This can help to contextualize the way people view reality and the world, thus providing insights into key social and individual constructs. Although the scope of personal descriptive essays is near limitless, it could focus on some interesting areas such as the impact of near-death experiences or the importance of self-motivation.

  • What is the impact of near-death experiences on mental health?
  • An evaluation of household income on educational prospects of the youth generation.
  • How does self-motivation impact an individual’s career aspirations?
  • Can younger generations use digital technologies to improve their mental health stability?
  • Do young people rely on materialistic objects more than older generations?

Environment & Sustainability Descriptive Essay Topics

The final key area to consider for descriptive essays is the environment and sustainability. This can be evaluated through both a personal and corporate perspective, as individuals and companies alike have a responsibility to global sustainability. Therefore, key areas that could be explored through descriptive methods includes organisations alignment with corporate social responsibility practices or how individual actions can mitigate negative impacts on the environment.

  • Do organisations have a genuine interest in corporate social responsibility or is it a profit-generating tactic?
  • Are consumers interested in an organizations’ environmentally friendly and sustainable practices?
  • How can individual actions improve global sustainability?
  • An analysis of waste disposal into the ocean and its impact on wildlife.
  • How has global warming changed individual and corporate behaviours?



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