Social Media Essay Topics

The majority of people in the world use some form of social media each day. It has ultimately transformed the way that we live, and it has changed how we interact with others on a regular basis.

As a result, social media has been the topic of many studies and theories and is featured in many different degree disciplines. If you are looking for social media essay topics, you are bound to find what you are looking for amongst these top 30. Whether it is business studies, politics, sociology, psychology or anything else, the following topics apply across a range of subjects and cover an array of relevant concepts.


Defining Social Media Essay Topics

Social media is used to refer to the many websites and applications that enable users to create and share content with their online friends.  It is a digital tool that is used in some way by more than half of the global population. The following topics are concerned with the basics of social media from a variety of different disciplines:

  • Provide a chronological analysis of the history of social media, including a discussion regarding what you think the future of social media may look like.
  • Outline the advantages and disadvantages of using social media and how its usage could have a wider impact on society.
  • Can social media replace face to face communication? Discuss the potential effects of technology on face-to-face communication.
  • Within Education and Social Media: Towards a Digital Future, Greenhow et al (2016 p. 3) state that a ‘digital transformation’ is ‘taking place in a variety of educational contexts’. With regard to this quote, discuss the impact of social media usage on collaborative learning and educational engagement.
  • Compare and contrast two types of social media with reference to their target market, their advantages and disadvantages, and their potential impact on wider society.

Psychology of Social Media Essay Topics

Psychology is the study of the mind and human behaviour and it is a multifaceted discipline that is broad and diverse. The following questions are primarily concerned with the psychological impact of our social media usage.

Heavy usage of social media is associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety self-harm and low self-esteem. Discuss this further and provide critical analysis of the impact of social media on our mental health, with reference to relevant theoretical contributions.

  • Examine the psychology of social media and the potential impact that it could have on individuals during adolescence.
  • ‘Identity in the 21st century spans cyber and physical spaces in a complex way’ (Creese et al 2014). How important is developing an online identity and how might this be different from a person’s identity in real life?
  • Communicating societal standards of beauty and promoting body positivity: Social media’s role in maintaining unhealthy relationships with food and our bodies.
  • Can a person be addicted to social media? Explore the impact, mediation and possible interventions.

Social Media in Sociology Essay Topics

It has been suggested that social media offers a reflection of the society in which it is used, and it is society itself that is the core topic studied in sociology. There are many different ways that you could approach this, with some examples being:

  • Social media and free speech: Discuss whether social media provides a voice for the marginalised whilst also spreading hate speech and how this ties into national and international legislation pertaining to free speech.
  • Can social media be an effective way of managing social isolation in older adults?
  • Social media and community studies – Is place still important for creating and sustaining a community?
  • How can social media be an effective source of information during a crisis or disaster?
  • Discuss how social media can serve to communicate stereotypes and the impact that this could have on a group of people who are disadvantaged.

Social Media in Business Essay Topics

With so many of us accessing social media, it has become a critical tool in business and digital marketing. Providing companies with the ability to engage with customers, generate customer loyalty and develop a brand voice, the use of social media by businesses is associated with increased consumer power. Topics surrounding social media usage in business could include:

  • Digital marketing using social media: Understanding social media marketing strategies and how these aim to engage the digital generation.
  • The potential of social media to generate revenue: Utilise a case study approach to decipher how social media can drive business revenue?
  • Discuss how businesses can promote customer interactivity on social media with reference to relevant theories.
  • Risks of using social media for new businesses: Provide a critical analysis of 2 or 3 potential risks that social media may pose for new businesses and suggest ways of navigating these.
  • How does social media advert using have the potential to influence consumer purchase decisions?

Social Media and Politics Essay Topics

Whether it is the Cambridge Analytica scandal or supposed influence in referendums or elections, there are a number of theories regarding the potential impact of social media to shape the political landscape, both nationally and internationally.

  • ‘By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent’ (Mark Zuckerburg). Discuss the above quote with regard to Facebook’s recent pledge to depoliticise the site.
  • Who is responsible for the sharing of illicit behaviour and content? Provide an overview of the relevant laws and legislation internationally and in a country of your choosing.
  • Doxing: What are the intentions and motivations of doxing and should it be illegal?
  • How can social media advertising influence political results?
  • Whose responsibility is it? Outline the challenges that can occur when policing social media.

Dangers of Social Media Essay Topics

Whilst the benefits of social media are plentiful, there are also a number of potential dangers associated with its use. These have been covered in the following topics:

  • Should social media companies be able to ask for identification to prove the validity of a person’s account?
  • Hiding behind a keyboard: Provide a conceptual analysis of the role of trolls and the impact that they can have.
  • Racism on social media: An analysis of the response to the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview.
  • Social media has transformed how information is disseminated and engaged with. Discuss this in relation to the spread of false information during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Addressing cyberbullying: A need for robust detection of cyberbullying across social media platforms.



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