How to Reference in an Essay

In the world of academia, names and dates are important! Just look at your lecture slides. Whenever your lecturer introduces a new theory, they’ll tell you who came up with the theory and when. So, it’s …

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How to Write an Essay Plan

Essay planning might seem like a waste of time, but it’s not! In fact, planning your essays will save you time and energy in the long-run. This is because it’s much easier to write an essay …

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How to Structure an Essay

Did you know that the structure of your essay is just as important as its content? That said, you should feel confident in your ability to structure an essay. But what if you're not? Where should …

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How to Write a Good Essay Conclusion

It's your last chance to impress, so avoid repetition! Your essay conclusion should be captivating and compelling. But it’s not easy to write a first-class conclusion. In fact, the essay conclusion is probably the hardest section …

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You’ve Finished University: What Now?

As another academic year draws to a close, it may be your last. If you’ve just completed your last year of university you might feel a little clueless about what comes next. There are many …

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