You’ve Finished University: What Now?

What's Next
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As another academic year draws to a close, it may be your last. If you’ve just completed your last year of university you might feel a little clueless about what comes next. There are many different things you can do as a graduate but the question is, which one suits you best?

A Post-Graduate Course

If you’re not ready to be out of education then there is always the option to say in it. Maybe you want to learn more to prepare yourself for your future career or there’s something different you’ve wanted to study? Either way, doing a post-graduate course can be the perfect option for those who want to keep learning. There are so many different courses available and you can even study the course at a different university. If you’re interested, have a look around, do some research on the area you’re considering to study and see what you think.

A Graduate Scheme

If you’re looking to work but not sure how ready you are, you could always look into a graduate scheme. Many companies offer these schemes and especially in big cities, there are lots of opportunities. A graduate scheme essentially means work-based training to develop your experience before you eventually get your dream job. Experience is considered very important for the working world so this could be perfect if you think you need some more of it. It will also ease you into the industry you’re wanting to work within if you want to take things at a slower pace. If a graduate scheme sounds like it could be for you then have a search about and see what’s on offer. You might end up finding an incredible opportunity that you don’t want to pass up!

An internship

Similarly to graduate schemes you could also get an internship. A lot of internships can be targeted towards students to help them gain experience during their degree. However, that isn’t the case for all. Many internships are available to everyone, and especially if you have your degree, you might have a better chance of being selected. They are another great way to gain experience while being paid and you never know, they might offer you a job in the end. Internships will also help you develop your skills and it will look great on your CV when applying for future job roles. They are offered everywhere so if this appeals to you then get searching!

Getting a job

Possibly the most obvious idea but sometimes the hardest. Of course, everyone’s ideal is to go straight into a job after university and although it doesn’t work out for everyone, it’s still worth a try! If getting a job is what you want to do then keep applying for jobs in your dream role while doing something on the side. It may take a while but you’ll get there eventually and it will be worth it when you do!

Start a business

Depending on what you’re interested in doing, you may want to set up your own business. Maybe this has been your plan since before university and if that’s the case then there’s no better time than now! Starting a business can often be daunting but rather than putting it off, it’s good to get the ball rolling. If you work hard at it then it’s more likely to be a success so don’t forget to put all your effort into it. You may be surprised by the pay off in the end.


This option might not be suitable for everybody but it might be what you need. Perhaps you’ve got a simple job, not necessarily in the place you want to be forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get experience. If you’ve got some time on your hands and money isn’t an issue then volunteering could be perfect. Charities are for sure the best place to find volunteering roles but they aren’t the only place offering them so have a look about! You may be able to volunteer in your ideal industry and this will help you massively when you eventually go on to a full-time job. It’s another great way to gain that relevant experience.


Although this isn’t very work-related it’s a decision many people make after graduating. It’s important to see the world and enjoy yourself after all your hard work so definitely something to think about. There might also be the opportunity to work abroad or volunteer during your trips if it’s something you’re interested in. Don’t forget that you will have work waiting for you at home, but at the same time have fun! You’ve earned it.

These are just a handful of things you can do after university to take the next step. Hopefully one of these ideas suits you and you can continue building towards your future! Good luck!



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