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I have graduate and two postgraduate degrees in Law. I have also taught and continue to teach Law at many of the major universities around the world for over a decade, helping thousands of students to further their qualifications and thus also their future career prospects. Additionally, I have also contributed to and assisted numerous PhD students with the completion of their doctorate theses internationally to date. Furthermore, I have also authored and published a number of study guides to further assist students that are actively recommended to students in the UK. Finally, I also actually work in the legal profession, having established my own business as a legal service provider so that I can actively assist individuals, businesses, and other organisations with their specific needs over a decade ago.


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A critical evaluation of the rule in Wheeldon v. Burrows (1879) 12 Ch D 3 – Has it been a positive development for property law in England and Wales?
A critical evaluation of the Court of Justice of the European Union decision in Joined Cases C-449/18 P and C-474/18 P Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini and JM EV e hijos SRL v European Union Intellectual Property Office EU:C:2020:722: Is an individual or entity’s reputation with the public at large more important than common sense?
A critical evaluation of the development of the criminal defence solicitor’s role in the twentieth century and the need to introduce the duty solicitor scheme in England and Wales

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