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Abstract The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of economic problems to most businesses, including hotel industries. As a precautionary measure, social distancing demands people to stay away from others in public, a criterion that has led to a reduction of clients in the hotels. Other actions by the government to reinforce social distancing entail,[…]

The resort business is a full grown and immersed industry that expects firms to keep up with critical overhead, enormous capital property, and brand notoriety to effectively go after fluctuating pieces of the pie. Thus, there is little spot for new contestants in the strongly serious and financially delicate inn industry. Even suppliers can strain[…]

Introduction Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is a private company. The company was put up to promote the international reputation and iconic indulgence resorts. For instance, Mansion Hotel in Turtle Creek and Carlyle located in New York could benefit from Rosewood Hotels. In another word, the main focus of Rosewood Hotels was to cooperate with new[…]

Introduction The hotel and hospitality industry is an essential sector that contributes largely to the GDP of many countries across the world. The high number of customers in the industry has attracted many investors from different parts (Lee & Yuan, 2017). The hospitality industry is primarily characterized by services such as lodging, food, and drinks.[…]

Introduction Hospitality organizations involve hotels, restaurants, entertainment joints, events, cruises casinos, park visits, and other tourism aspects of ensuring that people are well taken care of. Mostly it has various sectors like food and beverage, travel and transport, accommodation, recreational facilities, entertainment joints as well as meeting events. The main purpose of the hospitality industry[…]

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