Green Segmentation – Literature Review (Ae): Furniture Product

Published: 2021/12/16
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Environmental concerns are the main responsibility of consumers because it helps to manage the environment, and climate conditions and affects the help of human binges in business. Similarly, green segmentation involves the splitting and separation of markets and their consumption levels by considering the environmental issues in business. Furthermore, the emergence of new technology has a great impact on organizational growth and environmental changes in the business. Moreover, in this study, I am selecting or choosing furniture products for analyzing the green segmentation process in the current market. There are different consumer levels in the market. It includes relationship buyers, price buyers, poker player buyers, and values buyers in the business. Furniture products are highly demanded in the current time that helps to manage human regular work activities within less time and provide different services by adding new products in the current market.

Literature review

Green consumers profiles

Green consumers are those consumers adopting environmentally friendly and green environment products, which positively affect the process of consumption and manufacturing of different products while increasing participation and making purchases in the market. Similarly, these consumers are generally aware of her and his obligation related to environmental protection by analyzing or considering green services and products in business (Mataruna et al., 2020). Furthermore, there are more than two types of green consumers in the market. It includes potential green consumers, thinks green consumers, and behavioral green consumers. The next one is true brown consumers who are considering the concerns of the environment in business.

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Similarly, the behaviors of these consumers refer to consumption behaviors, which helps to minimizing and reducing the environmental hazards and changing the different processes of disposal, purchases, and use of the product

(Khan et al., 2021). The day of this consumer is generally celebrating internationally on 28 September. It helps to focus and increase awareness related to reducing waste material and recycling the reusing process in the environment. On the one hand, green consumers are having more or higher incomes as compared with other consumers and their social status in the UAE (Malik & Abdallah, 2019). From previous research, it is analyzing the middle ages people, and females are the main participants in the green consumer’s process in this country.

Criteria for green segmentation

Organizations are using one of the best approaches for changing their business demands and adding profit in business such as green marketing segmentation. Similarly, it helps to disgusting the homogeneous attributes of pro-environmental and adding benefits for both organizations and consumers’ growth in the business (Asghari, et al., 2020). Furthermore, previous literature sections of research papers help to suggest that traits of consumer behavior and homogenous attributes are analyzing different criteria for this green segmentation. It includes behaviors, psychographic, and demographic characteristics in business (Asghari, et al., 2021). This current study helps to add holistic description related to profiling and classification of green revolution on socio, behavioral, and psychographic characteristics in different economic components in the UAE.

The broad range of green marketing and its activities includes packaging changes, products modification, production process, and modifying advertisement (Elnaklah et al., 2020). Similarly, in the UAE, the green marketing process is focusing on customers’ needs, satisfaction, and caring for natural environment development for increasing the health concerns of individuals. Furthermore, the importance of green marketing is raising consumption, voice production against environmental concerns, and reducing the disposal, which is harmful to both consumers and social values in UAE business (Rejikumar et al., 2019). Consumers’ green marketing consists of green promotion, green products, green places, and green prices that help to change both the environment and business.

Psychographics characteristics

Consumers profiling and variables of psychographics are helping to argue that it helps to isolate the traits of homogenous green consumers. Similarly, the previous study helps to add attributes and cognitive beliefs towards variables of the environment. It consumes EK, CE, EC, and green products, altruism, attitudes, and subjective norms in business (Mwakabungu, 2020). For considering the furniture products adding psychographic characteristics includes activities, interests, values, opinions, and attitudes. Consumers’ interest related to buying furniture products is continuously increasing because of satisfying their needs and requirements in business (ISSA, 2018). The two terms such as PCE and EC helps to add psychographics measures, which are very important antecedents for consumers’ green behaviors in the business market of the UAE.

Figure 1-psychographics characteristics

(Source- Martín, 2021)

From the above figure, the information and important key elements for psychographics characters are showing, it includes lifestyles and personality traits of consumers in the business. For example, personality traits for consumers who want to purchase furniture from markets connect with some factors. It consists of conscientiousness, openness, neuroticism, agreeableness, and extraversion in business (Martín, 2021). The consumers’ openness rates in the UAE are representing as sugar alternatives. It is changing from low to highest rates of consumer openness behavior at the workplace from the year 2016 onwards (Al et al., 2020). Conversely, the previous study helps to examine that erection towards factors of external markets but these previous studies did not mention more about external market factors, which affect business performances of this country.

Socio-demographic characteristics

These characteristics and their variables help to prevent business by adding green profiling for both consumers and employees working. Similarly, from pieces of literature previous study, it examines that green consumers’ relevancies and contributions are generally observed by some specific participation of human beings and there are specifying as an educated person, female, and consumers who are having the higher status of socio-economic in business (Özgür et al., 2021). Furthermore, the previous survey helps to gain information related to women consumers who are relatively more sensitive as compared with consumers who do not belong to the categories of green consumers in business (Alserhan et al., 2020). For example, married and female consumers are paying high and reliable prices for furniture products in the UAE, which are goods for economic and business revenue growth in business.

The previous study is creating a literature gap related to not specifying the effectiveness and attitudinal measure, which helps to increase the motivational level of consumers towards green segmentation in business. Moreover, socio-demographic information from previous papers is not more than population characteristics (Min-Allah et al., 2020). Furniture companies are considering some factors for analyzing the characteristics of socio-demographics such as ethnicity, gender, income, age, and education level. Furthermore, age-standardization analysis and its covid-19 case rates connect with various estimated terms such as ethnic groups, disability, socioeconomic status, birth country, disability, and deprivation areas.

Behavioral characteristics

Previous research is mainly focusing on pro-environmental behaviors of consumption, green products recycling behaviors, and resources conservation through connecting internal consumer’s utilization and other beliefs such as environmental attitudes in business (Ko et al., 2020). Similarly, attitude behaviors are considering the main aspects of behavioral characters as collecting from the different literature papers and their analysis. However, leaders are using behavioral change theories, which determine the level of green consumers in the market through taking help of environmental characteristics, behavioral characteristics, personal characteristics, education, health, criminology, and energy.

Furthermore, some high-level researchers are suggesting in their studies related to incorporating variables that affect the green consumer’s behavior by stimulating markets such as green brand, green advertisement, eco-labels, and green trust understanding of purchase intentions (Algarni et al., 2019). At this moment, the previous study is creating a literature gap related to purchasing intentions and there is no more discussion on the topic of purchases intentions of consumers in the business. For example, here it is adding some relevant examples related to furniture green segmentation. This study helps to analyze and apply the green furniture purchasing and attitude measures of consumers based on furniture markets in the UAE. On the other hand, the intention behaviors gap creates by previous research and literature review papers.

Demographic characteristics

Operational efficiency and strategic effectiveness are the main factors, which connect with demographic profiling of consumers green and offering effective services in the business. Similarly, ecological consumption and psychographic variables are the relative strength of business offsets (Khan et al., 2021). Furthermore, segment stability is one of the special topics of these characteristics, which help to find the consumers’ stability related to consumers’ green behaviors for benefiting both organizational and environmental changes in the business. From the previous study, green operational consumption helps to expand the variety of studies for changing the dependent behaviors of consumers and adding measurable changes in business (Malik & Abdallah, 2019). For example, after analyzing the demographics characteristics of UAE, the median age includes 40.4 years of female consumers, 38.4yeras of male consumers, and other consumers are under the age categories of 31.5 years when talking about furniture buyer’s consumers (Ripublication, 2020).

Figure 2- Demographic characteristics

(Source- Ko et al., 2020)

From the second figure, the elements of the demographic segment consist of the family life cycle, religion, education, income, and gender. Similarly, the consumption behaviors of green marketing approaches are affecting the environment and business working conditions in the UAE. Furthermore, the business challenges and issues related to environmental concerns are the main reason behind the use of the term green market in business (Ripublication, 2020). For example, religion and gender can be the two demographic factors that can affect the decision of target consumers related to the furniture purchasing decision and economy rates of business for the UAE business market.

Concepts of green marketing

It is suggesting from a previous study that the relationship between environment and market knows as green marketing which is the main focal point for business growth and managing the health of individuals in pandemic situations. Similarly, previous studies also identified that groups of consumers demand to develop eco-friendly environment businesses and products, which describes by the concept of philosophy concepts of new markets (Khan et al., 2021). Furthermore, green marketing is a new trend, which is adding in several research papers to identifying the business practices of advertising and developing the based products perceived in a real-time and sustainable environment in business.

Figure 3- Online sales of the furniture business in the UAE

(Source- Mordorintelligence, 2021)

From the third figure, the contribution of furniture markets helps to show the economic growth and profit of organizations in the UAE business. Similarly, some companies are using wood and natural materials to design furniture or home design products in this country (Ko et al., 2020). Some research papers have specified the market of green evolution but not adding the proper business and management styles to handling or manufacturing natural products for improving or supporting the green marketing systems everywhere for improving environmental safety in pandemic situations (Mordorintelligence, 2021). The above graphs help to calculate, furniture companies and the demands of their service are increasing as compared with previous years because the population of this country is also trying to manage their environmental situation normally which drastically affects both human beings’ heaths and creating natural disasters in the upcoming time.

Green marketing evolution

Several researchers are using cultural and personality variables to examine the green consumer’s behavior and adding effective investigation related to the term green marketing. Similarly, it is compromising human requirements, needs, and adding satisfaction factors by creating minimal detrimental and harmful impacts on users and environmental conditions (Algarni et al., 2019). In the survey of Dubai and other UAE countries perceiving that consumers buying and selling products’ effectiveness is mainly different from their buying behaviors to promote green marketing.

Figure 4- Meaning of green marketing and being green

(Source- Mataruna et al., 2020)

Conversely, citizens of this country are using natural materials to keep their loved ones safe and avoiding the artificial used products because of their negative impacts on their daily and health activities in the current situation. From different studies, green marketing consists and labeling from sustainable marketing, eco marketing, organic marketing, and environmental marketing which helps to improve advertisement techniques and add new use of products in natural ways in the competitive business. The marketing of UAE is generally associated with the furniture business because it helps to cluster major three marketing association programs in business. It includes retaining definitions, environmental definitions, and social marketing definitions which are adding sensitivity and promoting ecological concerns in business. Furthermore, from the fourth figure, sustainability and ecological concerns must consider the discussion in upcoming papers for replacing the literature gap in the last research.

Segmentation of consumers green model

It has examined previous studies that target consumers are always ready to pay more or premium cost on investing in green products because of the coronavirus situation. Similarly, the target consumers are highlighting and using packaging related to worm’s relation and social welfare relations as developing virtues of green marketing evaluations. Furthermore, previous studies help to adopt the green models for changing the old business process and increasing the green market plans in the upcoming time. However, this research has creates some literature gaps related to different stages of green models and their work for changing and improving the business profits, economic growth, generation gaps, and adding target consumers in the business.

Figure 5- Consumers green model

(Source- Algarni et al., 2019 )

From the last figure, the working of consumers’ green models is under stability by consumers and employees. Previous studies help to evaluate the UAE is facing environmental issues because industrial businesses and companies are using artificial and manmade products for designing furniture products. It includes tables, chairs, beds, and other products, which are generally use by individuals to design their home, and getting comforts in their personal life. This model is implementing by the government of the UAE and other private organizations for reducing carbon emission and achieving zero carbon and its emission programs in business. Furthermore, environmental knowledge and its consciousness awareness programs help to increase consumers’ understanding and thinking related to the green environment in crises. The use of green model business is reliable for companies, which are connecting with purchasing intention and behaviors of consumers related to purchasing green products and trying to convert all important sections related to green segmentation program for environmental and business changes.

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Interesting hypothesis

The interesting hypothesis helps to assume the future and upcoming threats related to economical and other business threats. Similarly, after conducting the above current and previous study, one of the interesting hypotheses is about the economical and environmental challenges, which directly affect the health and business programs globally. Furthermore, after analyzing the current situation of the UAE, consumers’ green programs help to reduce the environmental challenges and achieve the net zero-emission programs as compared with other countries (Algarni et al., 2019). Conversely, this hypothesis section helps to identify the difference between green and normal consumers, which affect growth, and business fundamental changes. This study is evaluating the positive and effective relationship among different factors such as environmental behaviors, environmental attitudes, and income that help to manage environmental concerns in business.


Therefore, from the above section, information about green segmentation and its different activities has been adding to this study. Similarly, the literature gap has also been evolving by using reliable resources and previous papers study. Furthermore, the different characteristics of the green segmentation process have been properly using and adding reliable information related to selected furniture products. However, in this literature review, the different information related to the green segmentation process has been including in the above different sections. At last, the interesting hypothesis relates to the given study has been presenting the importance’s consideration of study that it help to create unique features related to previous studies.


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