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Published: 2021/12/06
Number of words: 580

The Surrey Christmas Bureau is a non-profitable organization located at 13853 104 Avenue, Surrey, Canada. The goal of Surrey Christmas Bureau is a project that helps create a memorable holiday for children from low-income families by helping them with toys, stocking stuffers, and grocery cards. The project helps an average of 2,000 families that require help during the holiday season. The Bureau is aware of the harsh reality of how many people in the community are unable to make ends meet, especially due to the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic. The organization supports the families during the Christmas holidays and intends to do the same this year.

As we approach the holidays, parents from low-income backgrounds in Surrey can pick toys, games, stuffed animals, winter clothes, and sports equipment from the Bureau. To ensure that the low-income families also celebrate the holidays like other families, the organization offers grocery cards to the families according to their sizes to ensure that they also enjoy nutritious food during the Holiday season.

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Additionally, the Bureau has an initiative called to adopt a family. The adopt a family initiative is a more personal initiative of giving where the donors and partners are matched with a family. The family provides the sponsors some aspects of the wish list of gifts they purchase and deliver to them. They adopt a family initiative to help spread the Christmas spirit to low-income families. Currently, the program is running, seeking sponsors to sign up to be matched with families that will require help in the coming holiday season.

The Surrey Christmas Bureau does not operate on a specified budget to accomplish its goals. The organization’s funds are from contributions from community partners, volunteers, donors, and members of the organization. The total amount raised before the holiday season is used to purchase toys, grocery cards, clothes, stuffed animals, and sports equipment. Monetary donations are collected all year round. The drop-off donations to Surrey Bureau halls are currently closed in the season until November, but online donations can be made via Canada Helps.

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Currently, the organization is seeking to increase and diversify its membership, donors, volunteers, and community partners; hence, it has organized a virtual meeting on October 28th. The meeting seeks to inform the surrey community of contributing, getting membership forms, and getting instructions for submitting membership fees. The initiative is intended to raise more funds for the upcoming Christmas holiday as the surrey community has grown rapidly from the previous year and due to the current economic instability resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic. Due to these increase in numbers of people in Surrey and harsh economic conditions that are being currently experienced, the organization anticipates the greater need for the charitable services they offer during the holiday season in the current year hence the need for more funds.

The stakeholders of Surrey Christmas Bureau include volunteers, donors, members of the organization, and the community. The volunteers work with the organization in sorting out toys, do deliveries, do pickups, register families, and work in the offices. The donors, members of the organization, and community help to financially support the organization.


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