Essay on Significance of Artificial Intelligence

Published: 2021/11/22
Number of words: 736

AI can be defined as the fundamental simulation of intelligence that is processed by machines, computer systems and other devices (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2020). The purpose of incorporating artificial intelligence in business would be the integrational intervention of the expert architecture, natural processing of languages, machine vision and speech recognition. This demonstrated intelligence had been effectively offered by the devices and the machines that can help articulate and internalize the key implication on the business operation to automate the tasks without hampering the quality of the key implications. It enables human interventions and capabilities, reasoning, understanding, communication, planning with a certain perspective. This helps in promoting huge intervention into the business perspective that can yield the best solutions relating to the operational and functional shortcomings. The amount of information generated both by machines and humans is managed and handled by AI technology. This technological intervention promotes huge interpretational intervention in business that involves absorbing, predicting and making business decisions without any other help from external sources. This has been effective in constructive decision making, which is crucial in operational functions within an enterprise.

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Co-existence of AI with human

AI can be used and simultaneously exist with the intervention of human approaches. The huge benefits and importance this reflects in the business would help several sectors regulate economic stability, financial services, and other industrial usages (McKee & Porter, 2020). AI can help promote complex and difficult tasks with automated intelligence capacity that help sin make manual labour and intervention easier and more effective multiple times. The AI helps in fraud detection that monitors and detects fraudulent activities across the service platform. This enhances the capability of the business and the other architecture to a great extent while ensuring to support and contribute to the intelligence and logical capability of the humans. This is highly used in VCA in customer assistance that supports and reduces manual labour and interaction with the customers to a huge extent.

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Evolution of human-centred AI

Human-driven AI outlines the development of AI in the correct directions considering human ethics and nature. This needs to focus on targeting and addressing the hardships that are highly faced by humans in general while supporting human efforts and initiating in many ways to accelerate the success and accomplishment of the approach. This has been effective in integrating the business’s key implications while ensuring to protect the business resources to comply with the secured business standards to a great extent. This is ensured to produce a more secured and improved lifestyle in businesses while intervening with all the secured applications in the technological developments (Clabaugh & Matarić, 2018). This promotes huge implications that develop the huge intervention with the business to succeed in the business process while making the complex and difficult tasks easier in a certain manner. This helps promote business success while ensuring the integration of AI’s key approaches in diverse industries that are highly supported by human efforts and interventions. The complementary strengths are triggered and heightened by the AI that needs a focused architecture to protect the business in securing and enhancing the data quality and the final outcome.


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