Essay on Impacts of Online Shopping on the Clothes Retailers in the UK

Published: 2021/11/15
Number of words: 927

Online shopping in United Kingdom, has been increasing gradually since the 19th century. Due to the shopping formats of consumers, the clothes retailers in America, have been forced by technology strategies to foster their products such as clothes through online platforms. According to the statistics, the return rate of online shopping in the UK is about 60 % ahead of other nations. The most product strengthening online shopping in America is clothing retailers covering about 50% of the American gross domestic product (Degenstein et al.; 2020, pp 586-596). Most clothes retailers in the United Kingdom prefer online shopping methods to physical shopping. The main aim of this research article is to discuss in detail the impacts of online shopping on clothes, especially in the United Kingdom.

The aspects of e-commerce on clothing retailers are growing tremendously especially in the UK. It has both positive and negative impacts, however, it depends on the social media platform used to promotes the business. Firstly, online shopping platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon offer to clothe retailers an opportunity to order large quantities at low delivery prices. This opportunity is more advantageous to most cloth dealers in the United Kingdom (Dixon et al.;2017 pp, 19 -47). As per research on cloth dealers, United Kingdom is the most leading nation, since it can deliver the best quality to its consumers. According to the economic research, cloth business in the UK is the most economic background of the country, thus contributing the highest percentage in economic status. E-commerce has grabbed the greatest opportunity in the field of business internationally.

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In the retailer marketing properties, online shopping is fostering intensive pressure especially in the United Kingdom and the United States of America (Shrivastava et al.;2021, pp 23). However, the impacts of online shopping can differ depending on the potential strengthens of the social platform used. For example, most retailers in the United Kingdom prefer Amazon as the best online shopping due to its geographical coverage, and financial stability (Morogoro et al.;2018 pp 24-35). The Amazon platform which is popular in the United Kingdom offers standardized discounts on every single purchase thus promoting the retailers. Generally, the knowledge of online shopping with Amazon characterizes standardized and lowered prices for most United Kingdom consumers. Significantly, customers moving from physical shopping to online shopping limit the chances of business losses due to minimal collateral movements. Online shopping platforms can offer door-to-door services especially the customers with big bargaining power.

The emergency of the internet as a retail channel in the United Kingdom has intensively promoted the emergency of new fashions and designs in the sector of clothing field. Another positive impact of online shopping is that customers can shop from anywhere and at any time of interest. Consequently, the online clothes shopping strategy minimizes the number of physical movements, which in turn would have caused negative impacts on the retailer’s business (Omar et al.; 2021). In most cases, the online shopping behavior would have overcome stress and pressure associated with mortar and brick retailers, such as the issues of overcrowding and queuing due to a large number of buyers.

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Additionally, most customers who shop through online platforms are constantly updated about the new fashions, thus they can get the first new brand in the market at relatively low prices (Shrivastava et al.;2021, pp 23). Despite that e-commerce, has great potential of serving more customers at once and reducing physical shopping trips, it is found that most online platforms do not provide substitutive physical shopping thus most customers do not enjoy negations advantages. Furthermore, online shopping platforms act as an entertainment platform to most clothes retailers due to funny fashions and designs.

As noted from the discussion of this paper, this article research was focused on discussing the impacts of online shopping of clothes, especially on the United Kingdom. According to the Larson reflections, online shopping strategies have improved the interaction between the sellers and buyers more so during this period of covid 19. Most customers have rushed for the online shopping platforms, due to the emergency of lockdown imposed by the governments. Basing this article, online shopping platforms have been proved to reduce the cost and physical movements of prospective customers since most platforms can deliver door-to-door services. Nowadays the United Kingdom is the most leading country in the participation of online shopping activities, basically on the fashions and designs. According to my perspective, an online shopping strategy saves time and resources thus it’s good for all countries to turn in online shopping platforms.


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