Essay on How To Fall Asleep

Published: 2021/11/12
Number of words: 588

Do you know that one of the ways of staying healthy is having enough and better sleep? Well, sleep is an essential need for every human, and it is one of the ways of staying productive and self-care. But with the current trend of lifestyle, people seem to be affected by insomnia, and now everyone is looking for ways to sleep. This behavioral change is associated with the modern lifestyle worldwide, and young people are the majority lot of those having difficulty with sleep. Many of this young population experiencing insomnia comes from the less privileged communities, the working class of young girls, the urban population, and the black race. (corcione, 2019). Lack of sleep significantly affects a person’s physical development, mental stability, and emotional wellbeing. To assist in curbing this problem, below are the ways to catch a good sleep.

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Keep off electronic devices.

One of the easiest ways to fall asleep is by putting off electronic devices. That is phones, television, and tablets. Most young people are addicted to electronics, for instance, playing video games or watching television for long hours at night. Hopkin recommends using that time for the next day’s preparation rather than staying up late. For example, preparing breakfast and clothes for the next day’s schedule will give you time to prolong your sleep in the morning. (Corcione,2019) Also, a person who wants to sleep should switch off electronic devices completely as they emit blue light that interrupts sleep, thus making it difficult to have a smooth sleeping pattern.

Strict sleeping routine

Biologically, human bodies adapt and function on how we repeatedly do things. And one of the functions is sleep. To ensure you curb sleeping disorders, have a routine to follow strictly. Regular habits on sleep patterns help a lot with the overall wellbeing of a human. Set up time specific time to sleep and waking up. Regularly doing this will aid the body in functioning accordingly. Hopkin says that Delayed sleep phase syndrome is when a young person’s brain finds it normal to sleep during the day and stay up awake during the night because of a change in the biological clock. (Corcione,2019). This pattern affects a person’s productivity during the day. Therefore, it is our responsibility to create and work on specified sleeping routines.

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Good scents of essential oils

Having a good smell from fresh scents makes a bedroom a suitable place to catch a good sleep. Nosal discusses how lavender essential oils work; few drops are put in a diffuser, rub a few drops on hands and wrists, or even under the pillow. (Corcione,2019) All these create an excellent soothing environment for a good sleep. According to Buchbauer (2011), Essential oils are therapeutic for sleep purposes. Furthermore, they are suitable for spiritual, mental, and physical healing.

Calming natural sound

Sounds that are calming and soothing help in falling asleep. With modern technology, we have phone applications, online playlists, and videos installed with nature sounds. For example, birds chirping, water sounds, and ocean waves. Mostly preferred is water sounds; it helps significantly in falling asleep. According to Corcione (2019), live sciences say that water sounds help conceal heavier outside sounds that could disrupt sleep, for example, taxis and traffic outside.


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