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Published: 2021/11/09
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Jazeera Airways is a Kuwait-based company offering flight services. The organization was established in April 2004 and has been operational since then (“Jazeera Airways”, 2020). They have their head offices located at Kuwait international airport. Aljazeera Airways is among the first non-governmental-owned flight services in the Middle East.

The Company has a mission to represent, lead and serve the airline industry. Their vision is to maintain a smooth connection between their customers and their inspiration sources (“Jazeera Airways”, 2020). One of the company’s major goals is to expand its network. Jazeera airlines aim to introduce new routes to new destinations in India, Europe, and Bangladesh. In terms of finance, Jazeera Airways has a goal of hedging against fuel price fluctuations and reduce costs to sustain stability and move forward. The Company aims to be a reliable and dynamic organization and maintain customer’s trust in its services.

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In accordance with the corporate governance principles, Jazeera Airways has a sound organizational structure. The structure includes a board of directors, corporate governance committee, board remuneration, and nomination committee, and safety and quality committee (“Jazeera Airways”, 2021). The voting rights, frequency of meetings, and the duties and powers of each committee are clearly defined.

Jazeera Airways is a profit-making organization offering flight and cargo services. The company claims to offer unique park and fly services in Kuwait. In addition, Jazeera Airways is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange and is publicly traded (“Jazeera Airways”, 2020). Their main competitors include Tiger Airways, Go Air, Air Arabia, Wizz Air, and JetStar. All these companies offer flight and cargo services.

Recruitment and Staffing

Recruitment involves the process of searching for potential qualified employees and encouraging them to make applications for vacant positions. Staffing involves the acquisition and employment of people in an organization. In staffing, human resource management is required to oversee the development and retention of employees in the organization. Recruitment and staffing aim to identify the best recruitment sources and hire the most talented people from the job market (Clifford Tizhe Oaya, Ogbu & Remilekun, 2017). The process is essential for the company to maintain its competitiveness in the market.

In the case of Jazeera Airlines, recruitment and staffing will help in manpower planning. The process can help the hiring managers and recruiters of Jazeera Airlines in focusing on the best candidates suited for various positions within their organization. Manpower planning involves putting the right number of people at the right place doing the right thing for the benefit of the organization. Through proper recruitment and staffing, the human resource management of Jazeera airways can achieve the right manpower planning.

Recruitment and planning will help Jazeera Airlines company in identifying its organizational needs in human resources and maintain succession planning. Through the process of recruitment and staffing, the management of Jazeera Airlines will be able to answer questions like what the company is trying to achieve and how to achieve the objectives of the organization. The human resource management will through recruitment and staffing identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help in meeting the company’s goals and objectives. Succession planning is an important ingredient in the long-term success of Jazeera Airlines. Recruitment and Staffing will help Jazeera Airlines in creating alternatives when they lose a key employee or encounter a shortage of certain skills in their operations.

Through recruitment and staffing, the company can source employees from both internal and external sources. Internally, the process will help Jazeera Airways in promoting and transferring the present employees. Well, skilled, experienced, and deserving employees will be upgraded to higher positions and be assigned new responsibilities. Externally, the recruitment and staffing process will help the company in utilizing the employment agencies that register candidates. The external agencies will furnish the company with a list of deserving employees for consideration by the human resource management.

Recruitment and staffing offer the human resource management an opportunity to screen the CVs of potential employees, profile their personalities, and conduct job interviews. The CV’S of the job applicants will determine whether the candidate has the required skills to perform the required tasks. In addition, the process will help the human resource management in limiting the number of interviewees during the recruitment process by considering the qualification requirements.

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Best Practices by Other Organizations

Best practices lead to superior performance for the organization. In Air Arabia for instance, Employees and customers are provided with security. Employment security is one of the best practices of human resource management (Nadarajah, Kadiresan, Kumar, Kamil & Yusoff, 2012). Through proper salaries and remuneration bonuses, employees of Air Arabia can provide for themselves and their families. Employment security attracts potential employees and makes the recruitment and staffing process smoother. In addition, it helps the organization in retaining its best employees and maintaining its competitiveness in the market.

Another best human resource practice is selective hiring. This practice helps organizations in acquiring employees who add value. Jazeera competitors like Go Air implement the practice of selective hiring to acquire the most skilled individuals into their organization. This process involves investigating the qualifications of an individual including their skills and experience before confirming their employment. They consider factors such as the trainability of an individual and their commitment.


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