Essay on CMS and Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations

Published: 2021/11/30
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Centre of Medicaid and Medicare services supervises many healthcare programs in the division of health and human services within the United States. The CMS is involved information technology in the health sector whereby they issue incentives. Additionally, Medicare is the federal health insurance program for the people who are elderly in the society, and Medicaid is the federal needs-based program that assists people living with disability and the poor with medical costs. Generally, CMS plays a role that dictates successful use of the health IT systems provided by healthcare and regulating the rates at which Medicare and Medicaid compensate the healthcare providers in the utilization of IT systems of health in the federal that are certified. CMS are agencies that are run and financed by the federal and state government. Significantly, the roles of CMS in hospitals to ensure quality measures are put in place and public reporting.

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Quality measures

Overall, improvement in healthcare is through a quality measure in hospitals. CMS measures the quality of hospitals through the medical and related health process, patient’s opinions about the services they receive in the hospital, outcomes, goals, and the organization structure. Hospitals have stipulated goals that they are required to achieve: timely care, safe care, effective and efficient care, patient-centered care, and equitable care. Achievement of these goals in health centers is the responsibility of CMS to follow up. Consequently, CMS uses different quality measures in health care organizations such as nursing homes, physician’s practices, hospitals, and ambulatory centers. Health centers’ data is collected from their medical claims, chart review, assessment instruments, registries, and electronic health records.

Public reporting

CMS does public reporting to ensure transparency while hoping to bring greater market forces that will increase the rate at which hospitals grow. Indeed, CMS publicizes the charges for hospital services in approximately 3400 hospitals in the U.S. CMS assists customers in making more informed decisions about health care by publicly displaying healthcare data. Generally, all health providers in the U.S are needed to present cost reports to the CMS yearly. The information introduced contains Medicare settlement data, financial statement data, utilization data cost, and charges for Medicare.

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The joint commission of healthcare works hand in hand with stakeholders to continuously improve health care to the public. The joint commission has a role to inspire and evaluate organizations for them to outstand in ensuring that there is attentive and effectual care of the best standard. Similarly, the commission reduces risks involved in health care and risk management. There are set standards by the joint commission to assist measures of health care organizations, and enhance the performance through the evaluation process. Particularly in the United States, hospitals and health care organizations that provide ambulatory, mental health, caregivers, medical care center services are all confirmed and accredited by the commission. When hospitals and healthcare facilities demonstrate compliance and commitment to patient safety, they are accredited by the commission. Nevertheless, the commission has the mandate to revoke a hospital’s accreditation by terminating their Medicare funding, resulting in the closing down of the hospital. Furthermore, surveys take place after two years, whereby the joint commission visits accredited health care organizations to evaluate standards compliance.

There are differences between CMS and joint commission, which are as follows. CMS is a federal agency that deals with funds of Medicare and Medicaid by ensuring that hospitals that receive comply with regulatory standards through certification. In contrast, the joint commission ensures that health care operational with good standards. Also, the CMS exist as an agency funded by the federal government, while the joint commission is a non-profitable organization with its standards based on CMS guidelines. Lastly, the survey process of CMS basis is on medical records presented by health organizations annually. In contrast, the joint commission survey is interactive by visiting the health care facility after a minimum period of two years.


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