Essay on Changes in Healthcare

Published: 2021/11/05
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Over the years, many changes have occurred within the health and human services system and have significantly impacted the delivery and care in health outcomes. They have evolved to keep up with the changing population and environment. Throughout the years, health and human services have faced numerous changes that have affected the service provided. One of the changes that have occurred is in the health insurance coverage such that what worked fifty years ago would not work for us in the present day. It has presented one of the most significant accomplishments to heath and human services.

Many improvements have been made to health insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has offered access to people who previously did not have any coverage. Providing health insurance to individuals who did not have any improves their life expectancy. They are able to access doctors and hospitals to receive medical services. Health insurance is currently more pocket-friendly and very affordable. Consequently, technology has impacted human and health services, remarkably changing the face of medicine. It has improved the accessibility of essential prevention and screening that has resulted in positive health outcomes. The Act keeps making changes after every month or two so that people may need to pay close attention to this on their coverage.

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Moreover, they offer care in every place with telemedicine which was not provided earlier though you could not access it without holding health insurance. As indicated previously in the article by Jared B, he explains that every year in the United States, approximately 100,000 deaths would be avoided if individuals received recommended clinical preventative care (MMWR, 2016). The Affordable Care Act has minimized cost, which was a barrier to care, by extending access to insurance and necessitating many plans to cover particular indorsed preventative services without copayments or deductibles (Berchick et al., 2019). It indicates that holding health coverage help people a whole more than was expected. Minimizing the uninsured people has had a recommendable effect on human and health services. The outcomes provided by health insurance coverage are the easy accessibility to doctors and have affordable healthcare. Though it can change at any moment in a month or two, it is still worth holding it to avoid paying out of pocket for each treatment you get. Primarily, healthcare has come on a long journey with its improvements in this system. They have provided means for patients to be offered the care they pay for, raise uninsured individuals, and improve life expectancy.

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The achievement of the United States health care impact the life of the people in both the U.S and other nations globally. Any time healthcare is talked about, it is always what required improvement and not the accomplishments that have been achieved. The health and human services have undergone a lot from where it began. Numerous changes are happening in the health industry, and will undoubtedly be more changes in the future. Everyone needs to stay updated as possible and ensure that they save money where it counts.

Consequently, they will need to be aware of how advances, especially the technological ones, can make their access to healthcare simpler. It is always a huge risk not having health insurance since health is unpredictable. One could have heart issues, other conditions which require to be treaded. Therefore, it is crucial to have insurance cover to help cover the medical bills.


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