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Published: 2021/11/05
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Business Overview

Different studies from the past have attempted to outline the importance of conducting reliable market research to come up with a business idea that will influence production. Mehralizadeh and Sajady (2005) established the processes of coming up with a reliable business idea for business startups. This is a common aspect of the corporate world. First and foremost, the popularity of electronic commerce in modern-day society is well documented. With the modern-day increased use of the internet and electronic gadgets, companies are now migrating to the use of e-commerce and also other online services for efficiency. It is due to this that an online retail business would be of great impact in terms of influencing profits.

This report, therefore, addresses the business ideas for coming up with an online retail store to serve other retail businesses in terms of marketing and delivery of their products. Shahjee (2016) outlined that the implementation of electronic commerce has great importance to organizations all over the world. On the other hand, the efficiency of using such systems for business functions is well documented. This is because a company gains enormous benefits by implementing such operations in their operations, Therefore, this is a business idea that will involve a series of processes to its establishment. The name of the business is called e-shop. This is a shop that will have an online platform and physical stores in different parts of the world.

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The operation of the business will be based on the supplies of products from other companies. This business will offer online marketing services to the companies on some fees. On the other hand, the business will have some incentives both on the client and vendor side. It is well established that by developing such a platform to house all the retail functionalities for the customers, the company will be able to reach out to more customers as well as sell products from different vendors thus making profits. Therefore, this is a business idea that will be able to thrive in the modern-day corporate field.

In addition to that, the setting up of the physical stores will be focused on towns. Therefore, from the explanation of the operation of the business, it is well established that there will be some physical stores that will supplement online infrastructure. Considering the dire need for reliable online infrastructure and the implementation of reliable information systems, the company will also have data centers in different locations for security and backups. However, the main office and data center will be in Melbourne. There will be a reliable team to monitor and attend to these servers around the clock in the Melbourne offices.

Goals and Objectives

Although company objectives have no significant psychological shaping of the businesses, scholars from the past years have outlined that effective goals and objectives of organizations have great potential for influencing production in organizations. This is because they have the potential of influencing the compensation, decision making, and the culture of an organization thus influencing the operations towards success (Parmar, Keevil & Wicks, 2019). Due to all these, the objectives and goals of any organization have to be in line with the overall success plans of the organization to influence operations as well as production.

From the introduction of the company, it is well established that the company will be obliged to satisfying different sectors in the Australian and global markets at large. This brings forth the need for objectives and goals that are effective in the organization. Below are some goals of the organization:


  • To become the greatest online retail stores in the world
  • To influence the online market positively


  • Satisfying both the venders and the customers in a fair way
  • Making delivery and supplies prospects easy and faster
  • Achieving an open platform for both the vendors and customers
  • Ensuring efficient, effective and reliable online infrastructure for service availability

From previous studies, it is well established that importation is one of the common tasks that cross-border e-commerce companies conduct. On the other hand, the fact that logistics is the main problem in this sector is also well documented. According to Hu and Luo (2018), cross-border e-commerce logistics is a common problem that has been brought forth by the increased use of the internet by the public and the increased preferences of e-commerce infrastructure by companies. However, this is a problem that can be solved by the use of reliable systems by companies, especially for cross-border supply chain prospects. Therefore, it is well established that e-shop would greatly benefit by implementing some reliable models for this purpose for international businesses.

It is therefore well established that a company that implements the use of e-commerce stands a chance of gaining more popularity as well as gaining sales. Therefore, based on the goals and objectives of this organization, it is well established that this is a company that will be able to gain popularity and sales in a short period due to the implementation of the use of the internet. It is well established that the use of the internet is efficient, effective, and also allows for remote access thus the grave need for implementation of such concepts by businesses. These are the main reasons for the preferences of this business idea.

Job Roles

The proposed business idea relies on the use of the internet and information technology concepts for survival. As a result, it is well established that the position of information technology personnel plays a vital role in the success of the organization. On the other hand, it is well established that information technology is always important in the setting of the information technology infrastructure in place and managing the prospects under this umbrella. Therefore, my position in the organization will be the information technology personnel. This is because this will assist in ensuring that all the prospects of the organization are managed effectively, especially during the formation stage. This stage will involve numerous processes that will assist in coming up with both the information systems for the organization and the best places to put the data centers.

Therefore, this is an interesting position in the company as it is the greatest determinant of the success of the plan. On the other hand, the processes that information technology personnel management is always in light of the business objectives of the company. Additionally, the information technology personnel ensures that the organization operates to its full capacity, in terms of the systems that ere put in place. It is therefore well established that the position of information technology personnel is vital and therefore needs someone aware of the needed standards for the organization and this makes me useful in this area.

Key Responsibilities of Information technology personnel

According to Workable (n.d.), an information technology personnel and manager always has some numerous responsibilities in the organization. These responsibilities always bring forth some expected qualifications among the candidates for such positions. However, the responsibilities of information technology personnel are always vital for the success of the organizations. Below are some of the common responsibilities that I will have as information technology personnel:

  • Managing the computer and information technology systems
  • Evaluating and controlling the data operations (managing the data centers in the organizations)
  • Managing the Information technology staff and prospect in the organizations
  • Research, recommends an implement technological strategies in organizations
  • Controls upraises and monitors jobs in the organization

From all the above responsibilities, it is well established that the information technology personnel in organizations always has a great job to play for a successful organization. In all the tasks allocated to this department, there are often numerous projects to be executed by the information technology personnel. This brings forth the aspect of proper project management skills. It is well established that the information department is always responsible for task allocation and monitoring in organizations. Therefore, it is my job to ensure that the initiation of this business idea is reliable and productive. Therefore, I will have to come up with the most ideal methods of managing all the tasks of this project. This management entails numerous activities including task prioritizing, time management among other tasks such as allocation of duties, and task monitoring.

Goals for the job position

  • The importance of goals in organizations and other corporate facets is well documented. Information technology personnel, the company will be depending on my performance for its survival in different facets. I will, therefore, be led by some work goals that include:
  • Creating an effective team for the business development project: The team members are an important group for the success of any projects. Since the business plan depends on developing a reliable system to manage vendors and customers, it is well established that a reliable team that is competent in terms of basic information technology concepts would go a long way in ensuring project success.
  • Effectively allocating goals to the team members: Team members always have different capacities. Effectively allocating tasks would ensure efficiency and no time and resources wastage.
  • Developing an effective information system: The success of the business, in terms of the goals allocated for the business entirely relies on the availability of an efficient information system. Therefore, developing this system would assist in the success of the organization.
  • Ensuring that the management of the developed system is reliable and manageable: Effective management of the operations of the systems will assist in solving company operational problems. On the other hand, this system will assist in ensuring that the system is managed from risks and vulnerabilities thus minimizing the problems that may be caused by downtime or other information risks.
  • Ensuring that the tasks of the project and the project, in general, adheres to the allocated time and another scope: Allocation of resources, time, and needed scope assists inefficient management of the project. I turn this influence the success of the project product and thus an efficient system to manage the organization.

Suitability of the goals

Projects are a common and important part of any company. My Management Guide (n.d.) outlined that projects are always temporary and always purposes to develop a certain product in a company. From the situation of e-shop, it is well established that this is a company that is at its development stage. On the other hand, Soderlund (2005) outlined that projects are always important in modern-day companies. However, it is well established that effective project management is very important for its success. This means that companies should have reliable processes for their projects. This brings forth the aspect of the development of the e-shop company operation.

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From the scheduled time, this is a project that is set for 12 months. On the other hand, it is well established that the team has to come up with the most ideal methods of operation during the development phase for better project success. Other studies from the past have attempted to outline the importance of effective management of the projects. Therefore, the above processes are the most effective for an online platform. Generally, companies that depend on information technology concepts and products for survival have to take note of their information technology sector as it is the heart of the survival of the organization.


Different studies from the past have attempted to outline the importance of information technology implementation in organizations. On the other hand, it is well established that organizations from all over the world strive to join the online business teams for success. E-commerce implementation is a common concept that is being implemented in modern-day society. However, setting up an online store by the use of e-commerce infrastructure is a complicated endeavor that requires a series of processes that have to be conducted, especially with the information technology department. On the other hand, a reliable information technology system and personnel in companies are important for the success of the organization. Therefore, the launching of these-shop companies will involve detailed operations by the leaders of the project and this will influence success.


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