Essay on Better Days

Published: 2021/11/05
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COVID-19 became the sixth pandemic recorded since the influenza epidemic in 1918. In Wuhan, China, COVID-19 was initially identified and then spread globally. The International Council for Virus Taxonomy was officially referred to as Coronavirus based on phylogenetic research as Severe Acute Breathing Syndrome 2 (SARS-CoV-2). SARS-CoV-2 should be an animals coronavirus spillover which then adjusts the transmission ability from humans to humans. Since this virus is extremely infectious, it spreads quickly and continually develops in the people. The main features, possible source and development of the new human coronavirus are discussed in this review paper. These variables may be important for disease research, antiviral design and virus vaccine development. (Armstrong, 2021)

A music video was published on YouTube for the first time on 13 April 2020 to match the launch of “Better Days.” It shows life during the epidemic like individuals who remain at home and wear facial masks. Personnel The song was written about the continuous COVID-19 epidemic, Ryan Tedder said: “We were in the last week of our fourth album deadline, when a worldwide pandemic had been proclaimed by the WHO. Some of us unwittingly were exposed to someone in London with COVID-19 and ended up quarantining in L.A. for two weeks in my studio. One of them was ‘Better Days’ with only two tracks remaining to complete. This is what occurs when you compose a song amid a crisis. we write about actual experiences and incidents.

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Vocalist Ryan Tedder of the Republic as well as bassist Brent Kutzer really had music in the works prior to the outbreak. After coming home to America at the end of their European tour in mid-March 2020, the tuning had to be finished. His promise of “best days” had come true as COVID-19 spread across the world. After already being contacted to somebody with coronavirus, the band was confined for two weeks, so Tedder completed and published the song while isolating himself. (Tikhonov, 2017)

“I can’t help but be very impacted by what is happening across the globe right now”. “I wanted to give this moment a ray of hope but also timestamp in this song. “It was a sobering moment and I was released. I had to comprehend what was going on, knowing that so many people across the globe today are ill and dying,” he said. “But I intended it to be optimistic, too.” At same time as the song was completed, OneRepublic invited its global followers to submit pictures of compassion and connections that help them cope with the current crisis. The group gathered the pictures for the uplifting video of the song, which shows optimism and love across the world. OneRepublic as well as Interscope records contributed to the COVID-19 Relief Fund of MusiCares a part of the revenues from the “Better Days” streams until September 2020.

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In conclusion. One of the worst times and things for nations and people is a deadly virus epidemic. History has demonstrated that music has been utilized to assist people cope with the trauma, stress and problems caused by crises. Although some people may believe that music was utilized during the WWI or WWII alone, it is not the truth. The fact is that throughout battles of thousands of years ago music was utilized. While the equipment and instruments may have changed, throughout the difficult times the message of music remained the same.


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