Essay on Altagracia Personality Case

Published: 2021/11/30
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*What do you hypothesis? (What is going on with Altagracia?)

Altagracia is a young girl undergoing mental development issues. The fact that she is only 17, and has been living with her sick father, Altagracia has been undergoing mental torture. The fact that her father is suffering from a chronic disease that requires continous care has greatly affected her cognitive development and personality. This is indicated by her decision to become a nurse, which is highly driven by the need to aid his father and people like him. Besides, Altagracia’s personality has been affected considering the fact that she cannot have the confidence to face a lot of people. Based on the MBTI tests, it is clear that Altagracia is an introvert (Blatt and Blass 331). This is the reason as to why she declines the nomination of becoming a class secretary in their school because she lacks the necessary skills to share with other people.

*What are the key things Altagracia should consider?

Altagracia require considering a variety of things in a bid to become more competitive and focused in her career. First, the girl requires to normalize with her father’s condition. The fact that her father is sick and will require care till his death has been torturing the girl to the extent of impacting her life. Therefore, it is ideal for her to accept and lead a normal live as other people (Lee et al. 173). Moreover, in order to deal with her introversion personality, Altagracia require starting engaging in meaningful discussions (Blatt and Blass 334). This will offer her a chance to share with other people and perhaps improve on the personality aspect. Besides, Altagracia should start attending various social events. It is from these social events that she can make more friends and gain the confidence to share with other people. This would greatly boost her introversion personality for improved sharing of ideas with others (Jacob and Arntz 174). Finally, Altagracia should also try to meet her introvert needs. She should ensure that she does not directly shift from that personality, but rather makes the changes gradually in a bid to promote the transition process.

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*What are the most paramount influences on Altagracia’s decision(s)?

As indicated in the case, Altagracia’s decisions are majorly based on her experiences. For instance, she is required to go home early so that to give her mother room to prepare for dinner. In this case, she has n option other than going home early to relieve her mother from the duties of caring her father. Moreover, her decision to become a nurse is majorly based on what her father has been going through. Altagracia wants to be a nurse so that she will have a chance to assist her father and people like him. The decision is majorly based on her experiences in handling her ill father. Moreover, at some point, Altagracia is attracted to the fashion industry, whereby she wants to be a model. This decision is also based other on her experiences with her friends (Cohen, Ornoy, and Keren 79). The fact that her friends are attraction to fashion, Altagracia has also find herself developing interest for the same, a factor that is compelling her to change her initial plans of becoming a nurse.

*What more information do you need (or would be useful)? Why?

The information that will aid in this case is one involving her behavior in class. Individuals with personality issues tend to depict numerous changes in their behavior. Therefore it is vital to go through Altagracia’s behavior in school and home. This would help in ascertaining whether she is improving on her personality or worsening. For instance, with constant update on how she relates with teachers and other children in class, it would ad in following up for her personality issues (Cohen, Ornoy, and Keren 82). Consequently, it is important to explore if Altagracia has been experiencing mental issues throughout her life. In most cases personality is associated with mental issues. This would aid in coming up with a strategy of helping her overcome all her developmental issues.

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*What would you do if you were in Altagracia’s situation?

If I were in Altagracia’s situation, I would seek for assistance from a therapist. Being a young girl and having gone through such experiences, I truly will require guidance on how to improve on my psychological development. The case of the father being sick would highly affect my psychological state and there is a need for guidance on how to live with it. Equally, I require working on my personality so as to become a useful person in society. With the introvert nature, I am likely to fail in achieving my life goals. Therefore, it appropriate to improve on my personality to ensure I am in a position to gain from other people during my educational career.

*What about her internal (e.g. shy/timid, personality, habits, attitude) and external (e.g. race/ethnicity, class, nationality) obstacles and their influence?

The personality issues facing the girl are mainly external. This is to say they are caused by external issues as opposed to being born with them (Lucre and Corten 289). The early experiences of Altagracia are responsible for shaping her personality.

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