Essay on Abortion Is Wrong

Published: 2021/11/30
Number of words: 807

One of the most significant societal debates is whether abortion should be legal due to its perceived consequences. Personally, abortion is wrong and should not be considered legal as its disadvantages are more typical than its benefits. Such reputations include the death of a woman having it, immorality in killing the unborn innocent life, encouragement of carelessness in self-care and intimate relations, and deprivations of morals and future generations. This essay desires to argue against abortion and aims to prove that it is a wrong act in society, hence making it illegal.

Abortion is not correct as it is a dehumanization of the unborn, hence why it should be illegal. This argument is based on the fact that life begins immediately after the conception and the development of an individual takes off, as proven by scientists. The supporters of the idea that life begins at birth are wrong because studies have shown that genes, tissues, and organs development begin at the moment of fertilization, hence human formation (Danielsson et al., 2020). Therefore, the termination of such lives should be considered murder cases, and the perpetrators, the doctor, and the woman should be accountable and face the law. The mother is also likely to die after their abortion because the procedure usually does not guarantee 100 percent survival. Also, hospital reports have shown that almost 50 percent of women who pursue abortion lost their lives due to unavoidable blunders during the procedures (Faúndes et al., 2021). Therefore, abortions should be illegal as it causes death of an innocent unborn individual and its mother.

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Abortions usually do not assure the women’s safety, and mostly the probability of health complications is usually very high. The procedure is the termination of pregnancy which entails disturbance of the body tissues and may result in a critical condition such as excessive blood loss. Another condition may be a pelvic inflammatory illness that may last for the rest of the patients’ life. According to Faúndes et al. (2021), abortions victims are the people that hold the most significant percentage of the population that suffers long-term psychological and physical pain and stress, which is an apparent reason why abortion should not be legal. Abortion should be made illegal because some hospitals do not have the appropriate and reliable facilities necessary to conduct it, which only increases the women’s chances of being exposed to risks and infections (Grossman et al., 2019).

Abortion is wrong because it leads to deprivation of the future and the morals and ethics of society. When abortion is made legal, more women will engage in it, leading to fewer births in society. Consequently, this reduction will make the future generation have a low population, which may fail to have enough potential people to build the world’s economy, politics, and other aspects of society. So, abortion should not be an option for any reason unless the pregnancy poses a health threat to the fetus’s mother (Grossman et al., 2019). Additionally, abortion legalization is a way the government and society tolerate killing because it opens the route through which people will make killing innocent lives acceptable based on the guaranteed right for abortion. Abortions also reduce moral and ethical values by reducing the respect of life society should have, hence promoting genocide, euthanasia, and murders rates (Faúndes et al., 2021).

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To conclude, abortion is wrong as it terminates the developing life of the fetus, even though some individuals may argue that life begins after birth. It also poses death, infections, and other critical infection risks to the woman undertaking as the procedure is usually not safe. Women who have had abortions are likely to suffer long-term physical and mental health stress and complications that may limit them from resuming the lives they had before the abortion. Lastly, abortion is a way of depriving the future generation and devaluing the ethics and morals of society through a lack of respect for life. Therefore, based on these pernicious consequences, abortion should be deemed wrong hence not worthy of being legalized.


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