Analysis of the Miami-Dade Police Department

Published: 2022/01/10
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Miami- Dade Police Department is a modern police department. The department has various specialized units offering diverse services to the public. Operating in Miami-Dade County the police department has a long history. This paper provides insight on the Police department. It provides the description of the department as well as various areas of operations. The paper dwells on the key stakeholders to the organization. It provides details on the stakeholders influence. On an important note, it categorizes on level of importance. The next important theme is the interest of various stakeholders, their claims on the organization. Another important part of the paper is the description of Miami-Dade department SWOT analysis. It finally provides strategies to overcoming negative influences as well as organizational policy.

The Miami-Dade Police Department

The Miami-Dade county police is a county police department providing service to the people of Miami-Dade County as well as some environs of Florida. The department has lenient mutual agreements with neighboring municipalities. Formally known as metro-Dade department, the institution has over 4600 employees. Police offices within stations in the country; dress in brown uniform colors from the top with insignia of their ranks. The colors the department’s police cars are green with white lively. In relation to the badges of police offices in the country, officers of the rank of sergeant and above carry gold badges. Police officers of the ranks below that of sergeant carry silver badges (Gitlow 1998).

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In terms of operation, the police department operates nine stations. It further provides services in various specialized bureaus in the county. The police department has international accreditation as well as from the Florida Commission of Law enforcement agencies. With its Headquarters at Doral Florida, the department runs under the command of J.D Patterson.


The History of Miami Dade department begins in the year 1836. In the present period, the department operates within Martin, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. The department has been essential in maintaining law and order within Miami-Dade County. There have been incidences where police officers have confronted criminals with devastating consequences. In the year 2011 a homicide suspect shot dead an officer with an AK -47 riffle. In relation to the organization of the organization, the department has eight stations.

The stations making up the department include the Northwest, North side, and Kendall, Hammocks, South District and Airport stations. It contracted municipalities are the Town of Miami Lakes, Town of Cutler bay and Palmetto Bay Village (Filipovitch, 2014). Some of the specialized units within the department include Bomb squads, Aviation, Administration, and Arson. Other Units are the training units as well as Robbery bureau.

Key Stakeholders

Stakeholder categories include claimants, influencers. Another category constitutes internal and external stakeholders. Claimants include the F.B.I and the secret service. The influencers include The Amnesty International as well as Isis. The key Stakeholders of Miami-Dade police department includes county as well as state politicians. Leaders of the local government represent an important stakeholder group (Alpert, Dunham & Smith, 2007). The other important stakeholders to the department include law enforcement agencies. Business Executives play an important role in decision making within the department.

Prosecutors as well as other professionals make an important stakeholder groups. In recognition of law enforcement involvement, the department is responsible of apprehending suspects. The department further prosecutes in matters related to fraud, theft and other crimes. The department works with other law enforcing agencies in handling cases. In respect to prosecutions The Miami- Dade attorney General office as well as the US attorney general prosecutes cases. The stakeholders include the District court, Public defender office, Miami- Dade rescue and Miami Dade-corrections (Filipovitch, 2014).

In relation to the influence of State leaders to the department, their relation lies of legislations. Their impact relates to the development of various legislations that control the operations of the department. Examples of these Stakeholders are the government of Miami-Dade and the nation government of the United States. Business stakeholders also play an important role in the operation of the department. For Miami-Dade police department, the Miami-Dade Chamber of commerce and Downtown business provides insight in the operation of the department (Filipovitch, 2014). Professionals have an important role I the operations of the police department. In the county Professionals, involve prosecutors and business individuals.

Stakeholders Interests and Concerns

The interests of stakeholders and their concerns of Miami-Dade police department vary. In respect to residents of the locality, their concern is to have a safe neighborhood. Crime victims’ concern is that the police department offers high quality investigations and prosecutions for crimes. Tourists visiting the county concerns are to view locations safely. Motorists depend on the police department to maintain traffic as well as manage accident situations (Gitlow 1998).

In respect to the business class of stakeholders in the county, the tourism industry wishes safety within their business locations. The banking industry department captures aspects such a fraud as well as money transportation services. The business group of stakeholders includes Small business owners, energy businesses, sports industry, agriculture and the Entertainment industry. The key interest of these stakeholders is to receive protection services. Their other interest includes fire rescue services as well as other investigative services.

The other stakeholders with special interest include the criminal courts, Team Metro, Juvenile, Jails, hospitals and Public defender office. The Attorney general office is another important stakeholder. The interest of this group of stakeholders is to ensure proper prosecution of cases within the county (Alpert et al 2007). Their interest is to have effective cooperation with the Miami- Dade police department.

The other important stakeholder group for the department is the federal government institutions. Their interest with the Miami- Dade police department relies on cooperation. The other important goal for such cooperation is the sharing of sensitive cooperation. This information is important in maintaining immigration. Data sharing between departments ensures investigations of crimes and terrorism attacks. The departments of this interest group include the F.B.I, the Airforce, and Immigration department. Other important department in relation to federal government cooperation is the municipal police department. The department of homeland security provides investigative services that assist the department in crime control.

Claims by Stakeholders

In respect to claims by stakeholders of Miami-Dade, police department, the agriculture business units may require agriculture patrols. Business dealing in cargo will require “cargo theft patrol” services from the department. School resource units might be required in learning institutions. Robbery interventions services might be important to tourists visiting the county. Families might require the services of domestic violence prevention units. Grinch busters’ services might be an important service to owners of shopping malls. Claims that stakeholders may make to the department might include accident claims resulting from fire. Another claim includes theft prevention claims and robbery prevention claims (Alpert et al 2007). If such claims are not met, the department might face court cases that would make it loss millions of dollars.

Important Stakeholders

The most Important Stakeholders for Miami- Dade police department includes federal government departments. The other important stakeholder is the Attorney general office. The F.B.I and the US secret service are another group of important stakeholders. The business stakeholder groups represent an important group (Gitlow 1998). The importance of these groups of stakeholders relates to their contribution to investigations. The business stakeholders are important in the maintenance of the economy. Fans as a group of stakeholders represent the least group in influencing. The group has low influence since their representation takes place during matches.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of Miami-Dade department lies on its size. With a force of over 4500 employees, the force is powerful. With this number of employees, there are diverse skills within its ranks. Teamwork and strong management skills are important aspects of the department. In relation to weaknesses of the department, lack of planning events is an important aspect. The department further utilizes outdated technologies in managing its operations (Gitlow 1998). Another important weakness of the department is the availabilities of inefficiencies within offices. Bad acquisition within the ranks of the department provides sources of weaknesses.

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In relation to opportunities, the department has an opportunity for innovations. Teams within the department have a chance to launch new services (Filipovitch, 2014). There is an opportunity of applying new technologies in operations within the organization. The organization faces various threats to its survival. Bad economy will have a negative implication on the operation of the organization. There is the threat of strikes and protests against operations of the firm (Alpert et al 2007). Fluctuating costs of products in the market provides negative implications on the organization. Further, political risk provides negative influences to the organization.

Organization Strategic Policy

The policy of the organization is “Mutual cooperation” with other stakeholders. In order to maximize the strength of the organization team will receive additional training. New structure will be in place to manage teamwork efforts. Management skills will be improved further by introduction of consultants to the department. To minimize on the weakness of the organization, new technologies will provide better service (Filipovitch, 2014). The acquisition teams need to be accountable on their purchasing activities. To limit inadequacies the organization needs to introduce new operation procedures. Since political risk is an important negative influence, the management team would have to cooperate with federal and local governments.


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