Every paper you undertake must be 100% original, written by you and written to the standard required by the client. The client can choose to order a 2:2, 2:1 or 1st standard for their assignment and this will be clearly specified within the original assignment brief. You must ensure that you write to the standard ordered at all times.

If you are asked to complete a 1st standard assignment, you must assess your ability to complete it to the required standard as failure to meet the standard may result in reduced pay or pay being refused altogether.

You should ensure that you select and use quality sources when completing assignments. This means that you should not use sources such as Wikipedia and you should not use more than 25% website sources. Instead, you should mainly use good-quality books, journals and articles. By doing so, the paper will have a far greater value to the client than a paper that relies heavily on websites. For more information on where you can find good quality sources and for information about access to online databases you should refer to our Knowledge Base which can be found by logging in to the Writers’ Area on the website (using the username and password that is provided upon completion of your application).

Remember that our clients are paying for a professional piece of work to be completed so you should pay particular attention to the following factors:

  • Grammar and spelling – thoroughly check this before submitting the paper as these are simple mistakes to correct but impact greatly on the overall quality of the work.
  • Presentation – the work should be presented in accordance with our presentation guidelines.
  • Referencing – you should ensure that you use the correct number of references per 1,000 words, as set out in the Referencing section of this document. You should also double check that you have used the correct referencing style (e.g., Harvard or Footnotes) prior to submitting the paper.
  • Word count – you should check that the word count is not more than 10% above or 1% below the number of words requested by the client.

By making these few last-minute checks before submitting the paper, you can easily minimise the number of complaints and requests for amendments, which will in turn save you time and leave you available to complete more briefs for us.


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