What Type of Student are You?

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The third term might be slightly different from what you’d expected. Covid19 has crashed into 2020 and now the only way we can celebrate the end of the academic year, is through a virtual party. Everyone is handling it in different ways, but there are certain types of people in lockdown that we can all identify with. The question is which one are you?

The social butterfly

You may not be able to live your normal crazy social life but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. You’ve already joined the ‘turn each room in your house to a bar’ trend, and now you’re the quiz master. Get the gin out, it’s quiz time.

The one that does their own hair

You haven’t dyed your hair in a couple of months and when’s the best time to do it than now? Worst comes to worst if it goes wrong nobody has to see it. You’ve got the cheapest box dye from your local supermarket on your bathroom side, Spotify blasting from your iPhone, and a pair of scissors in case you decide to get creative. What could go wrong?

The one who does the binge-watching

Technically your degree isn’t over yet and you’ve still got a lot of work to do, but what is it they say? Ignorance is bliss? Everyone’s telling you about the new popular show and you don’t want to be the last one to the party. The essay plans can wait, you’ve got more important things to think about, like whether Carol Baskin killed her husband.

The one who spends all their time revising

While the rest of your friends spend their time binge-watching shows on Netflix, you’ve got an exam to prepare for. Uni might be closed but that doesn’t mean the studying stops. You spend every hour of quarantine flipping through textbooks and constantly saying you don’t have time for a virtual pub quiz. Some of us have a degree to pass.

The one who wants their third term money back

Uni is expensive and the second you see a chance at getting your student loan back you’re on it. You’re not living in that half-empty student house anymore (not that the loan covered it anyway) and your parents aren’t making you pay board, so it’s all yours. In fact, you’ve already made an order of useless rubbish you’re never going to use from Amazon because you saw it on Tik Tok. Who cares? You’re getting your loan replayed and you’re going to be rich!

The one that just sleeps

Considering there’s nothing better to do a nap seems like the best plan. You may have only woken up at 2 pm to your dad making the ‘I forgot what you look like’ joke but somehow you’re still tired. The days go a lot quicker when you’re asleep and the dreams you’re having are a lot more exciting than lockdown life right now. Maybe just a couple more hours?

So there it is. The 6 types of students we all know (and love) in lockdown. Common below and let us know which one you are!



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