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There’s nothing better than earning some extra money, and sometimes at university, it’s needed. When textbooks are expensive and nights out leave you moneyless, a job on campus is perfect, and sometimes they can be a lot of fun too! There’s a variety of jobs you can be a part of without having to leave campus, and we’re going to tell you all about them. If you’ve been looking for an excellent campus job, this post might be just what you need.


If you feel like an expert in your field, it might benefit you to help someone else! You can literally be paid to pass on the knowledge you have to someone who needs it, and if you’re feeling confident enough, it’s easy money! There are many ways to find students who need tutoring. Sometimes it could be advertised through your university, or you can use websites like tutorhunt or mytutor. Simply sign up, and hopefully, students in need will find you in no time. Another good idea would be to post in any of your university Facebook groups and advertise yourself. It would be best to remember to keep all your study notes that might come in handy during your session. Also, sure you’ve got enough time on your hands to commit to it and go teach!

Student librarian

If you’re big into reading, this could be the dream campus job for you! Often universities need more people to help them in their library, which is your chance to be that person. University libraries are enormous most of the time, so hopefully, there will be at least one job going whenever you look! The job usually entails sorting through books, putting them away and advising any visitors that might need your help. It can actually be quite a fun and easy job, especially if you’re passionate enough about it! These jobs are usually advertised through your university website, and sometimes they only require you to be there a day or two a week. Not bad for a part-time job!


This job isn’t quite as fun as the others, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds either. Working in a cafe on campus means that most of your customers are of the student population, which you might find better than elsewhere. Plus, you might make some great work friends while you’re at it! If you’re a lover of food or drink, this could be good for you. And you might even get a discount which could be even better for saving and making money. Maybe not everyone’s first choice, but it’s convenient and a strong option.

Student ambassador

One job that you’ll find at every UK university is being a student ambassador. They always need current students to promote their institution, so if you’re interested, you could be one of those people! All you really have to do is attend open days, show visitors around, hand out flyers, etc. It’s actually a super easy job, and it’s perfect if you’re an outgoing person because you’re going to be talking to people all day! Often people do this job with their friends because it’s a lot more fun that way. It’s usually only a couple of days every term, so nothing too crazy but a pleasant and relaxed way to earn extra cash.

Residential Advisor

Speaking of social jobs, this one is another that you’ll find pretty much everywhere. In fact, if you’re in student halls, you’ll have probably met a residential advisor before. Their job is to make sure that everybody in their building is doing well.

As a residential advisor, you are usually their first point of contact for any problems, so this won’t be the job for everybody. You will also conduct checks on the flats to see how they are getting on. For this one, the pay may differ. At some universities, you’ll get paid whereas at others you’ll just get free accommodation (which means your money could be spent elsewhere). As long as you’re a good talker, you’ll fit well with this role.

Student content manager

This job can actually relate to a few different roles specifically. Depending on your university, there could be various content roles available, and they’re one of the most enjoyable jobs to do. Does your university have a magazine because they might need someone to run their socials? Or they might even be looking for writers to hire for their blog? Some uni’s even have their own podcasts/radio etc. These roles aren’t always paid, but many institutions do pay, so check out what your own will offer. If you’re passionate about these area’s or even want to pursue them as a career, then you’ve got a bonus to choosing this one! If it sounds ideal for you, make sure to enquire.



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