7 Skills Employers Want To See in 2021

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Applying for jobs has never been easy, but it seems that the job market is continuing to get more competitive as time goes on. It’s so difficult to work out exactly what employers want from you, and especially with the pandemic, the way companies are operating is continually changing. To be successful, you need to know what they’re looking for, so here are the skills that could make all the difference:

Communication skills

Communication is probably one of the most important skills to have and its one that employer’s look for most. It is also useful in so many different areas such as communicating with your fellow employees, your customers and also people who might want to work with your company. In most jobs, there will be a time and place where this skill will come in to play, so it’s important you master it. Not everybody is as good at communicating with people, so if it comes naturally to you, they’ll be impressed. If you don’t find it comes too naturally, practicing your social skills is a great way to build on them. You can also try entry roles to gain experience, such as being a supermarket assistant to work on it beforehand. If your communication skills are strong, it will be clear to your employer.

Time management

Another precious skill is showing you can manage your time wisely. If you are currently at university, you can use your assignments and outside responsibilities to show how you’re good at this skill. When you are getting set a variety of different tasks in your workplace, they’re looking to see that you have the ability to manage them all and get them all done by the deadline. The best way to do that? Prioritise your tasks to make the workload manageable and use examples of when you’ve implemented this into everyday life.

Ability to adapt to change

It probably goes without saying that this skill is important, especially at the moment. Things are constantly changing, and it can also be pretty unpredictable so having the ability to adapt is something employers will find valuable. It’s also about being committed enough and if you’re happy to go where the company goes, the employer is sure to like you. Referencing to a time where you’ve dealt with change in your interview could be helpful, so have a think and prove you can adapt.


In a very similar way, flexibility can be important too. With things changing, the employer might want you to work at unexpected times, so showing that you’re flexible and available could convince them you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Once again, employers love to know that you’re committed to the job, so if you express how open you are to taking on extra work and being around when needed, they’re bound to be impressed. But remember, don’t make promises you can’t keep or burn yourself out – your health comes first!


Speaking of the current situation, there’s nothing like a global pandemic to create a few problems in the workplace. That’s why showing your problem-solving skills will convince employers you’re a great match. The common question is, ‘tell us about a time where you’ve worked to solve a problem’. In this situation, you have to think of a time where you’ve solved an issue that looks impressive and is also related to the role you’re applying for. Have you created a new strategy or come up with a new solution? Tell them about it! By showing this skill, employers will see you’re capable of unprecedented situations, it’s exactly what they need!


If you’re going into a job that has a creative element, this skill might be the difference between getting the job or not. Even if your job isn’t particularly creative, it can still be a good skill to show off – everyone loves someone who can think outside of the box. You might need creativity for anything from graphic design, marketing, publishing or even a fashion role. Your imagination is your main tool here, so tell them about your creative flare. A great way to prove your creativity is actually to have a creative CV for the role you’re applying to (you can actually move away from the traditional black and white – add some colour!). Let yourself have fun with it and make sure it stands out to the employer.


Regardless of your position, leadership is a valued skill as it demonstrates your ability to take control of a situation confidently. The best way to prove you’ve got good leadership is to think of times where you’ve been in control. Scenarios in university can also be useful; for example, you may have lead a presentation or group project – make sure to tell them about it. Leadership shows strength, so use it where you can.

These are the skills that really matter to employers, but there are, of course, many other factors that go into applying for a job. Thankfully, we offer help with both CV’s and cover letters so your application can be on the top of its game! Check it out, and we’ll be sure to help.

Have you got any other skills that you think are crucial? Let us know in the comments below!



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