6 Ways to Improve Your Personal Statement and Guarantee Success

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Your personal statement is one of the most important elements of your university application! It tells them who you are and why you want to study their subject. It’s one of the first things they will see and that means it really is your time to shine! If you want to write a personal statement that will be sure to guarantee success – keep reading! We’ve compiled a few of the best ways to improve your writing:

Keep it ‘personal’

The most important detail that will always give you an edge, is making it personal to you. Only you know yourself and your brain so, what’s going on up there? What is it about the course or the university you’re applying for that is so interesting to you? They don’t want to see anything generic so it’s your chance to stand out from the crowd and highlight your unique attributes that make you, you! Maybe you had a significant ‘eureka’ moment in the past that made you want to continue this academic path, or maybe you’ve just always been heavily invested in the subject. Remember, universities read hundreds of personal statements so this will be the key to keeping it interesting and unique, attracting the attention you need to be a successful applicant.

Do your research

We know – you’ve heard it all before, but seriously, it works! By doing your research, it’ll show you’ve gone above and beyond what’s necessary to learn about your area of study. Just how you’d evidence a point when you’re writing an essay, you need to provide evidence here too. We recommend finding a few professionals that are in the field of your desired subject and mentioning what you admire about them and your thoughts on their work etc. It shows you’re looking up to someone within the industry and taking a genuine interest in the literature around your subject. It will definitely suggest you’re ready to study the subject.

Keep to the point

Always relate what you’re saying back to why you would be a desirable student. You don’t want to go off on a tangent and forget the reason you’re writing your personal statement. Although academics will want to see a well-rounded version of you and your interests, make it applicable. If you’re talking about extra curriculum activities or your general hobbies, what skills have you gained that you can bring to your course? Sell yourself and make sure to detail what fuels that passion of yours!

Discuss your future

Another element to add to your personal statement is your consideration of the future (this can be scary – we know!). Of course, not everyone has their future mapped out so this could be a difficult task however if you do know what you want, write it down! Universities like to see people who have a strong sense of direction and people who are working hard to achieve their goals. It will give them good hope that as a student you’ll be dedicated to your work and performing well. If you’re confident in your plan, they will be confident in you.


There’s nothing worse than including mistakes in your work! This will make academics think that you haven’t spent time perfecting your writing and demonstrate a lack of attention to detail. Make sure to give it a read over, more than once and even out loud so you know you haven’t missed anything. If English isn’t your first language, make sure to get it checked by English speaking friends/family or even professionals. Using proofreading and editing services will ensure your work is of the highest standard and you can rest assured your work is at its best standard, free of English grammar mistakes. It’s always ok to ask for help, you want to get it right!

Leave a lasting impression

When you’re finishing off your personal statement it’s important to leave a lasting impression – you want to give them every reason to offer you a place, or at least an interview. Remember, your word count is limited so do not try and repeat everything you’ve already said! Every word is important. Keep it concise and make sure you sound confident in your decision to progress with the course. Your conclusion should reaffirm the main message you’ve tried to put across in the body of your statement. You should leave the reader with the main element you want them to think about – make it something good!

These are some of the most crucial and advanced points that will be sure to take your personal statement to the next level and advance your chances of success. Your personal statement can be quite a daunting piece of work but hopefully with these steps, you will be able to write it successfully! Don’t forget, if you’re really struggling then you can always use personal statement writing services from Ivory Research and be sure that your work is at its best possible standard. Give it a try! Do you have any more personal statement tips? Let us know down below.



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