The 5 Worst Dissertation Mistakes

July 2016 by


When writing your dissertations, there is always the possibility to make mistakes. Make yourself aware of what could go wrong and you will then be able to make sure it doesn’t happen!

Lack of communication

The single biggest mistake made by students doing a dissertation is to not talk or communicate with their tutors. This is really, really important; your tutors will know exactly what they want to see in a dissertation. The best way to convince yourself that it’s important to see your tutor is to remember that they are the ones who will be marking it, and you should show them you really want that high grade.

Not playing to your attributes

Make sure that you play to your own strengths. Dissertation writing is hard, that’s why it is the most important part of a student’s university life, so make it easier for yourself. You can do this by sitting down and highlighting the areas you have done better in throughout your years at university.

If you are particularly skilled in researching and primary research, then go ahead and base your dissertation around that! A big mistake students don’t realise they are making is picking a dissertation topic which doesn’t play to their best attributes. Make it easier for yourself!

Not using available resources

The library is your friend. Whether you use it online or in person – make sure you utilise it! Google Scholar is always a good choice to find book and journal extracts too if your library doesn’t have a copy of what you’re looking for. You will need to do as much prior reading as possible, to make yourself well equipped to start writing. Knowledge is power! Give yourself the best advantage by using all of the available information around you.

Lack of planning

Don’t leave it to the last minute. I know it is very easy to let things get out of hand. However, it is essential to plan, and plan for mistakes too! There is more than enough time given to you to undertake your dissertation, so use all of it and not just the last 2 weeks! There is no need to put yourself under such enormous pressure. Make a plan, even if this is just a simple plan of completing 1 hour a day – do it! You must stick to it though; you have the free time, so do not make excuses for yourself! You’ll thank yourself later.

And finally – for the sake of your whole dissertation and your sanity to boot, do NOT leave your computer unattended with your work open in the library. There will always be some joker, friend or foe who will think it is hilarious to replace ‘Pope’ with ‘Poop’ or some equally dreadful autocorrect option.

You will be exhausted by the end of it. Remember tired eyes and tired minds make mistakes. Get plenty of rest in between and allow yourself enough time to make those last minute edits! Good luck.



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