5 Ideas How to Plan Your Resit

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No one likes the idea of resitting either coursework or an exam, however planning your resit and passing second time around is a lot better than failing twice. This is a short article that outlines some of the best ways to prepare yourself for a resit so that you’re fully prepared and stress free in the run up to your resit.

  1. Talk to your tutor

    The person who is going to know exactly why you failed the first time around is the person who set the paper. It might be the case that you’ve never spoken to your tutor one to one before, but now it is important that you put yourself on the right course of action. Even if you don’t feel like seeing them face to face it really would serve you well to at least send them an email.

  2. Talk to your friends

    Ask around your friends and find out who did the best. Once you know who has got the highest grade, you will be able to ask them for advice, it might be that they are looking at the work from a different perspective. It is always a good idea to ask about, there is a reason that they passed and you didn’t and if you work out why then you’re likely to be wary the second time around.

  3. Seek expert help

    There are companies out there who hire expert academics to help students plan their resubmissions. We offer an exam note service which is invaluable for a student who is nervous about having to resit an exam paper. Take the pressure off; go into an exam knowing you have an expert’s knowledge supporting you.

  4. Do the hard miles

    Go to the library and revise. If you have failed first time around it is likely that you simply didn’t do enough work. If you do the reading and giver yourself the proper base.

  5. Play the game

    You may begin to realise that University assignments are a bit like ticking boxes. Those who successfully tick the most boxes get the higher grades; it really is as simple as that. What you need do is start being aware of what each box is and how to fulfil its requirements in your work. Once you start to understand what is necessary, everything becomes a lot easier. Put together a checklist and make sure that you follow exemplar answers, play the game properly and you will start to see the rewards reflected in your grades.

Sometimes some of the best tips are the simplest too. A little bit of common sense goes a long way; this is certainly true for university assignments. If you stay calm and follow the advice above, we know you will have no problems with your resits or resubmissions. Now go and revise! Good luck.



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