How to Write Analysis of Qualitative Data

Analysing and presenting data properly is one of the most important parts of any research project. Remember that if your dissertation includes weak analysis, your overall grade will be negatively affected. That said, it’s important to …

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MSc Finance Dissertation Topics

A master’s degree in Finance can open many avenues of employment and research. Your degree can be tailored to suit your preferences because it incorporates a large number of specialisations. If you’re looking to add …

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Renewable Energy Dissertation Topics

Renewable energy is a topic which is at the forefront of energy development. The global drive to manage, mitigate and prevent climate change has seen the contribution of renewable energy, as an alternative to traditional …

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Art History Dissertation Topics

Art History, the study of objects made by humans for the purposes of aesthetic pleasure is a wide and varied area for study. Clearly, there is a huge scope for art historical study with many …

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How To Ace Your University Presentation

Are you one of those people who loves presentations or one of those who hate them? At university, you’ll definitely find yourself having to do one at some point and that’s why it’s important you …

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