Vortex rings.

INTRODUCTION Smokers have been known to sometimes manage, as they exhale their smoke, to form well-structured smoke rings with their lips. The smoke is then propelled away from the mouth, maintaining the same ring structure, for …

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Journal article.

The journal article is on the topic of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a prominent issue in Media Culture and stems from the topic transformative effects of web.20 on society and culture. This essay analyses the causes …

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Sales Promotions and Consumers

There are multiple definitions of sales promotions in the marketing literature which aim to highlight its different aspects. Webster (1971, p.556) was first to define sales promotions as “short-term inducements to customer buying action”. Davis …

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Mercury pollution in the oceans

Statement of the Problem Mercury (Hg) is a non essential heavy metal with no nutritional value, yet can be hazardous even in small quantities if consumed by humans, causing some serious adverse effects. It can …

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The colloidal state

Colloid science deals with systems comprising molecules/particles with different dimensions, ranging from smaller (nanometer (10-9m) to larger (micrometer (10-6m) molecules/particles. As these systems contain a mixture of particles with different sizes, colloid systems are heterogeneous …

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