Proofreading and Editing your Essays

One sure-fire way to lose marks on an assignment is by not proofreading and editing your essays and dissertations adequately. It is crucial to review your work carefully before submission. Although it is advisable to …

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How to Prepare for Open Book Exams

When are Open Book Exams Taken? In the UK, Open Book Exams are usually taken in January and April. For some degree programmes you might not be required to sit formal exams in both or either …

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How to Write Reflective Logs and Diaries

What are Reflective Logs and Reflective Diaries? Reflective Logs and Reflective Diaries (as they are sometimes called) are common requirements in UK university assessments. For many courses, it is essential for students to be able to …

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How to Write a First Class Report

Introduction Various authors of the guidebooks for writing reports (Bowden, 2002; Silverman et al., 2005; Smith, 1997) are unanimous that the Introduction is one of the most important parts of the research. As Bowden (1999) puts …

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How to Do a Poster Presentation

Introduction It has been well-documented that, in recent years, there has been a shift within educational institutes from a lecture-driven " instruction paradigm " (Webb et al., 2006) towards a multiple assessment technique called " learning …

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